May 22, 2002

BLOOD STORM is currently seeking a new full time independant extreme Metal drummer. Must be 100% dedicated and willing to do tours national and international and capable of playing double bass kicks fast. Some of the BLOOD STORM drumming influences are: CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, WHIPLASH, CRUMSUCKERS, RAZOR, EXCITER, CRO MAGS and bands that fit that style of playing. The audition will consist of being able to play at least 2 songs off each BLOOD STORM album. If interested then please contact BLOOD STORM by either calling, E-mail or write to: Blood Storm, P.O. box 20334 Philadelphia, PA. 19137, USA, (215) 533-6023, E-mail:, BLOOD STORM is only interested in an intense, uncompromising, aggressive and devoted drummer.

Jeff Becerra gave Dark Realm Records his endorsement to release the long overdue POSSESSED tribute. So far some of the bands that are basically confirmed are: Absu, Cannibal Corpse, Sinister, Angelcorpse, Pentacle, Mystifier, God Dethroned, Houwitser, Damnation and Sadistic Intent with Jeff Becerra. A few more bands should be added soon.

After a huge delay the SADISTIC INTENT 7" of ‘The Exorcist’ / ‘Morbid Faith’ on Iron Pegasus Records is finally available now. Contact Costa for ordering info at:

Out next on Red Stream is HIDDEN‘s debut, "Spectral Magnitude." It is a progressive and dismal astral Metal style locking in on Death, Doom, and Black Metal along with blasting speed styles. To be matched by a supercluster of scientific theory lyrics and artwork. The album’s conception presents the projection of time as eternity in the cosmos. Space scenes & design by JP Fournier. Band information and origin withheld.

FOREST OF IMPALED‘s second album for Red Stream will be called "Forward The Spears".

NECROPHAGIA‘s "Season Of The Dead" will be re-released on picture LP with a special Jenna Jameson design on the B side. This classic album is also scheduled for a digibook and digipak re-release with complete re-mastering, for the future.

GORELORD / WURDULAK – "Creature Feature Part 2" is totally recorded and soon ready for release. This time there are 2 exclusive tracks from each sick group.

KISANTH‘s "Forseen Storms Of The Apocalypse" finally sees its release through Baphomet. Raw and vile Black Metal desecration for those that seek the truth.

BLOOD STAINED DUSK‘s "Dirge Of Death’s Silence" will be re-released on Baphomet (through Red Stream) very shortly. The initial pressing of this damned Black Metal record is totally sold out.

HATE FOREST‘s "Scythia" CD will be reissued in digipak with 1 bonus track on Noble Wolves Records (which is a label manufactured by Red Stream).

ABAZAGORATH‘s "The Spirit Of Hate For Mankind" 7" EP should be out any day now.

SEAR BLISS has completely recorded and mastered their next opus "Forsaken Symphony". This raw CD is a dedication to all that is hateful yet triumphant within this band’s form of Black Metal. Multitudes of trombones and tubas combine nicely with the obscure and cryptic Black Metal chaos.

DARK FORTRESS has entered Grieghallen studio (Burzum, etc) to record "Profane Genocidal Creations".

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