May 24, 2002

Underground Records still have some copies left of "Subconscious Lobotomy", the CENTINEX debut debut album from 1992. If you want a copy of this CD then send 25 US $ (incl. airmail) to: Underground Records, P.O. Box 56, 280 22 Wittsjö, Sweden, E-mail: The band is currently talking to a few labels about releasing a vinyl version of their latest album "Diabolical Desolation". They are still open for more offers so if you think you can do something for them then get in touch asap at the following email address: Dreamtide Music are furthermore working hard on the small east-European crusade featuring Centinex, Diabolical (Swe), Vesperian Sorrow (US) and Obtest (Lith). If you are interested in this package then contact Dreamtide Music for more info & details:

AVULSED is arranging the last details for the 10 songs that will be included on their 3rd album that will definitely be entitled "Yearning For The Grotesque". It will be released by Avantgarde Music in November 2002. The album will be recorded again at the Spacelab Studios in Germany, where the band already registered their highly acclaimed "Stabwound Orgasm" album. Some of the songs that will be included are ‘Sick Sick Sex’, ‘I Feel Good… Eating Human Flesh’, ‘Daddy Stew’ and ‘Devourer Of The Dead’. The album will again include one song sung in Spanish and the band will continue on in the same style as on their previous opus – true Death Metal with a heavy, brutal and aggressive sound, not exempt of the characteristic melodies that the band has always masterly mixed with their innate brutality and the always guttural vocals of Dave Rotten. "Yearning For The Grotesque" will be mastered in Berlin by Peter "Pluto" Neuber at the Mega Wimp Sound Studios and the complete album artwork will be designed by the German artist Bjoern from, who is also known for being the vocalist of NIGHT IN GALES. AVULSED has also plans of doing a couple of shows in Germany and Holland during the recording period, although no dates have been confirmed yet. As for the possibe participation of AVULSED at W:O:A 2002, Dave Rotten said: "Not even us or our record label ever got any kind of reply from the organizers since we did the first contacts back in January, so it’s still a mistery why we can’t play. If we would at least receive a negative reply, we would understand… perhaps there are other kind of questions and economical interests where our underground mentality still hasn’t reached…" If you want to have an exclusive listen of a brand new song that will be included in the new AVULSED album, just enter and download a mp3 song recorded live on May 18, 2002.

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