May 29, 2002

The VOMITOR "Neutron Hammer" 7" (out on Invictus Productions – is already sold out. All pre-orders that have not yet been shipped are in the process of being sent out. Due to circumstances beyond the label’s control, the patches have been delayed but will be ready soon.

The GOSPEL OF THE HORNS album is scheduled for a late summer release. It’s currently at the re-mixing and mastering stage and should be ready for press soon. The proposed tour with IN AETERNUM and BESTIAL MOCKERY has been cancelled due to bad timing and GOSPEL OF THE HORNS will now be coming to Europe early next year to promote the album. Invictus Productions, P.O. Box 7171, Dublin 6, Ireland. For information on releases only please contact:, For distribution /CD stalls, trades etc. please contact:, Promotion exclusively handled by Agonia Promotion:

The self titled MCD from Canada’s ALLFATHER will be released by Invictus Productions on 10" vinyl later this year. The band’s style is raw, aggressive and militant Black / Death Metal. The band have been making a name for themselves in the underground over the past few years and have played a co headlining festival in Canada with the gods of war themselves, BLASPHEMY.

The planned DESTROYER 666 EP will come at the year’s end. The theme is a celebration of the life of the famous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly.

The second EAR TERROR FESTIVAL is gonna take place on November 1st and 2nd, 2002. Interested demo bands are invited to get in touch for opening slots. Contact:

ALASTOR will record a new CD ("Barbarian Alastor") in July which should be out in Autumn 2002.

AMON in the line-up of Dr. Fe (vox) and Larva Krupica (guit) are still searching for members to complete their line-up and record new material sometime in Autumn 2002.

COUNTESS had another collapse of line-up (terminating all planned liveshows in June) and again Orlok is on his own. Currently he’s putting together material for a new CD called "Tales Of Blasphemy And Desacration".

GRAND BELIAL’S KEY are awaiting the unlimited re-release of "Castrate The Redeemer" which will hopefully occur in the course of June.

GRAVEWURM finally released their second CD "Dark Souls Of Hell" on May 24th and will enter the studio again in August to record a yet untitled 3rd CD with the help of session members.

HERETIC were unhappy with the first version and decided to re-record "Devilworshipper" to achieve an even more rotten and bestial sound.

MEGIDDO are still mixing "The Atavism Of Evil" planned for a July 2002 release. At the same time the unlimited version of "The Devil And The Whore" should be available.

MORRIGAN sold out the numbered version of "Enter The Sea Of Flames" in one week. Unnumbered versions of "Enter…" as well as of the first CD "Plague Waste And Death" are available for wholesale / trade as you are reading this. MORRIGAN will play a tour with BLASPHEMY in July. Dates are: July 10 – Belgium, July 11 – Paris (F), July 12 – Barcelona (SPA), July 13 – Luzern (SWI), July 14 – Vienna (A), July 15 – Nürnberg (GER).

NUNSLAUGHTER are preparing the recording of their long awaited new CD "Goat" and will record a second yet untitled part of "Radio Damnation" in Autumn 2002. Even before that an unlimited version of the long sold out first part is planned.

SARGATANAS are planning to record a new yet untitled CD in August 2002.

SITHLORD still have not finished "The Return To Godless Times" due to an involvement of mainman Saundies in ATOMIZER. He recently returned from touring. The CD is supposed to be ready and out before the Summer.

STINY PLAMENU are awaiting the release of their second CD "Rany Cernym Kovem" in September 2002. New material is in the making.

TEARSTAINED is being worked on. Not recorded yet, the 3rd album will be called "Final Thoughts" and will include 8 new songs and 2 hidden coversongs. "There Is No Hope" is still available as a numbered version. Their label Barbarian Wrath is still trying to get ahold of copies of their first CD "Monumental In Its Sorrow".

WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS just released "Black Sun Shall Rise" through Moribund Records and are in the final stages of mixing "Feasting On Christ".

HATEFUL AGONY from Munich are currently recording their second CD and expect to finish it in July, planned for a September release.

SCYTHE will be out in June 2002. The CD is in print as we type this.

HATEWORK will record in June and THARGOS are recording right now and should be done by June so both might be out before the Summer.

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