November 01, 2002

In the first half of 2003, Hammerheart Records will re-release the first three NECROPHOBIC albums, "The Nocturnal Silence", "Darkside" and "The Third Antichrist". All the albums will be released on both CD and LP.

According to an official press statement, drummer Roger Sundqvist rejoined Swedens THRONEAEON: "After some serious thinking he decided to reclaim the place behind the drums and turn this band into what he wanted from the beginning. He is now a fulltime member and is working fulltime with the band for the first time since around 1996. He did actually quit his ordinary job. Furthermore bassist Andreas Dahlström has decided to leave the band after 8 years of dedication. He has decided that he wants to move on to something different, but he will still handle stuff like the website and newsletter for Throneaeon.There are no hard feelings between them and the band has already found a kickass replacement in Mangus Wall, formerly known from handling the bass in Abhoth. Check out and read the new personal info to know more about this bloke (click on the silhuettes to view each member’s personal page)." As you can see above, the band has furthermore finally decided on their new logotype by now… "We wanted to go for a "cleaner" look, a logo that you have no trouble reading at a long distance, but still keep some of the shapes from the old logo! We are very satisfied with the final result."

MALEVOLENT CREATION will be heading out on the second leg of the most extreme tour of the US next fall, joining friends and fellow Floridian’s Cannibal Corpse. This string of shows will mark the first time that Malevolent Creation have toured the States in five years.

ARES KINGDOM is getting very close to recording their album for Merciless Records. "We do have more than enough music for the album", says guitarist Chuck Keller, "but I have started writing two new songs which I want to wait and see how they turn out. They could possibly replace a couple already slated to go on the record. We’ve picked up where (ORDER FROM CHAOS’) "An Ending In Fire" left off…"

VULPECULA is going to release one last 10" called "In Dusk Apparition" sometime after the first of the year… whenever Invictus Productions is ready. They would like to do more, but since Chris lives in Seattle and Chuck in Kansas City, it makes things kinda tough.

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