November 09, 2002

EXMORTEM‘s new album "Pestilence Empire" will be released on November 25 through Osmose Productions. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Ghastly Grotesque’, ‘Funerary Sculpture’, ‘Pestifer’, ‘Malus Invictus’, ‘Death Deceiver’, ‘Grand Dome Of Destruction’, ‘Icecold Ugliness (Part 2)’, ‘Gruesome Icons’ and ‘A Tyrants Hunger’. For further information check out the band’s website at:

MORBID UPHEAVAL is a new Death Metal act from Italy, formed by members and ex-members of Martial Might, Goatreich 666 and Goatfire. The band was created in spring 2002, inspired by legendary acts such as Treblinka, Grave, Order From Chaos, Sarcofago, Nuclear Death and Autopsy. The concepts expressed through the lyrics find their roots in the writings of Mishima, Redbeard, Devi and the likes. The first release is gonna be a limited edition (666 copies) split 7" EP with Arghoslent (, out very soon through Warhammer Records. Morbid Upheaval are gonna record two trax for it (‘Solar Impetus’ and ‘Forsaken Hordes’). Their next release, a split 10" MLP with Capra Hircus ( is planned for spring 2003 and will be a co-production between Hellflame and Warhammer Records. Plans are to record two own songs and a cover version of each band. All further info you may get from one of the bandmembers directly. Contact: (Savazzi) or (Nicola).

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