November 20, 2002

Old school Death Metallers MORBID UPHEAVAL have just released a new two song rehersal tape (‘Solar Impetus’, ‘Forsaken Hordes’). The tape comes in a red color xeroxed package and is available either for a blank tape plus postage, or 4 $ / 4Euro from the addresses below. Future releases are: MORBID UPHEAVAL / ARGHOSLENT split 7" EP (on Warhammer Records) and MORBID UPHEAVAL / CAPRA HIRCUS split 10" MLP (Warhammer Records / Hellflame Productions). Contact: Morbid Upheaval, c/o Federico Zambelli, Via Vignolese 184 /s.B, 41100 Modena / Italy or Morbid Upheaval, c/o Christian Colelli, Via 13 Martiri 44, 26040 Gussola (CR) / Italy

SATHANAS have signed a deal with Drakkar Productions. The new CD "Hex Nefarious" will be out in 2003, followed by a possible tour with Murder Rape. For further info contact:

Norway’s SHADOW SEASON have signed a deal with Sound Riot Records. The band consists of B. Winter – vocals and sub strings, Void – all razor strings and Trym – battery (EMPEROR / ZYKLON). The band’s debut four song MCD / 10" "The Frozen" will also feature guest appearances by Sanrabb – vocals (GEHENNA), Dolgar – vocals (FORLORN) and Patricia – viola. SHADOW SEASON are already writing material for the full-length which will be released in 2003. A special guest on vocals for this album will be Steve Tucker (ex-MORBID ANGEL). For further details contact the band at this address: SHADOW SEASON, c/o Void, Mellomstraen 11, 4005 Stavanger, Norway, e-mail: Label contact:,

INIQUITY will be releasing a compilation / best-of album in March 2003 with both brand new songs, old previously unreleased promo / demo / live material going back to the beginning of the band, as well as a wide selections of the best Iniquity songs done so far from their official releases "Serenadium", "The Hidden Lore", "Five Across The Eyes" and "Grime". The record is entitled "Iniquity Bloody Iniquity" and it will furthermore include a thick booklet with lots of photos, flyers and so on.

NEPHASTH are about to enter the studio to record their highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s classic "Immortal Unholy Triumph". The title of the next album is "Conceived By Inhuman Blood". The artwork will once again be done by Jacek Wisniewski (Vader, Decapitated, Withering Surface etc.), management is handled by Massive Mangement (Vader etc.) and Empire Records have secured a license deal for Poland. "Conceived By Inhuman Blood" is set for release on May the 25th 2003 – and afterwards Nephasth will be touring Europe. Currently Nephasth is touring with Vader in Brazil.

ANASARCA is busy writing material for their third album entitled "Terrorized". 7 songs are ready so far and the plan is to record the album at The Art Temple Studio early Spring 2003 for a release in September 2003. Lyrically it will be a conceptual one again, dealing with faults of mankind – just await to be mirrored again with human sickness.

Swedish Death / Thrashers TAETRE who released their third album "Divine Misanthropic Madness" in October is looking to tour Europe in early 2003. Anyone interested in setting up gigs with Taetre, please get in touch with Mighty Music. Band contact:

SACRIFICIAL will be playing some shows in Denmark with country mates Mercenary and are looking to play gigs outside of Denmark as well. Please get in touch if you are interested in booking Sacrificial.

Doom / Deathers THALARION will release their new, third CD "Tunes Of Despondency" in December.

ENTER MY SILENCE, the Finnish answer to In Flames are back in business. After a short period with missing inspiration, the band has completed a handful of new songs and is ready to enter the studio in early 2003 to record their long awaited follow-up to last year’s debut "Remotecontrolled Scythe".

NEGURA BUNGET have finished the recordings of their third album in Magic Sound Studio (Bucharest) entitled "N’Crangul Brabului". The CD is scheduled for a Janaury 27, 2003 release in a very special, never-seen-before hand-made CD-box, with a state-of-the-art multimedia track.

In late November 2002 code666 will release a double CD compilation entitled "Better Undead Than Alive" with a lot of unreleased songs which have been recorded exclusively for this release, plus some rare, older unreleased exclusive tracks of Diabolicum, Aborym, Rakoth, Bloodshed, Aghora, Ephel Duath, Atrox, Negura Bunget, Enid, Manes, Abortus, Void Of Silence, Thee Maldoror Kollective, Unmoored… All the songs will be linked together in one long track for each CD. A massive multi media track is to appear on disc 2, with tons of information regarding the label and their bands, exclusive photos, special mp3s, like a complete live performance by Aghora at the Culture Room Club in Florida with the new line-up, an unreleased remix by Ephel Duath or an upcoming ambient tune from Nordvargr, plus special surprises, including the unreleased and never-seen-before Negura Bunget "Vazduh" video, filmed in the carpathian mountains last year, etc.

ABORYM have finally mixed their new album "With No Human Intervention", after 5 months of hard work in Temple Of Noise Studio. An advance track from the album will appear on the upcoming code666 compilation, with Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest performing vocals. Meanwhile Attila Csihar and Sethlans were invited to Birmingham as special-guests for the upcoming Anaal Nathrakh EP, and Attila Csihar will also be special-guest on the new Carpathian Forest album.

VOID OF SILENCE‘s new singer is Alan Nemtheanga, wellknown from irish PRIMORDIAL. The great and immediate feeling between the band and the singer and his great will to join VOID OF SILENCE, one of his favourites bands, not to mention the incredible artistic qualities and the experience Alan got after so many years in Primordial, drove the band to choose Alan as the new official member. VOID OF SILENCE is now ready to start the creative process for the new album, out on Code666 in 2003.

MANES just finished the recordings of their brand new album titled "Vilosophe" at Skansen Lydstudio in Trondheim. You’ll already be able to hear a "work in progress demo track" titled ‘Redeemer’ on the upcoming code666 compilation "Better Undead Than Alive".

UNMOORED have just returned back home from Abyss Studios where they recorded drums and guitars with producer Tommy Tägtgren for their new album. Now it’s time for vocals, keys and mixing. Unfortunately singer Chris suffered from a throat infection so he needs some weeks off to recover properly, but in late October everything will be probably finished. The album will go under the name of "Indefinite Soul-Extension" and its full, now completed, track listing reads as follows (in no particular order): ‘Cinders Veil’, ‘Phase Of Revulsion’, ‘Commit To The Fire’, ‘Leave-Taking’, ‘Final State Part III (Posthumous Writings)’, ‘Spit Forth From Failure’, ‘Morndraper’ and ‘Unspeakable Grief’. Expect a spring 2003 release.

AGHORA‘s mainman Santiago Dobles is still recording the new album titled "Formless" with the new line-up including new drummer Richard Komatz and new bass player Andy DeLuca (ex-Symphony X) (replacing Sean Reinert and Sean Malone), plus sister-vocalist Danishta Rivero of course. The new songs are more "live" and organic and the new album is expected this fall on code666. In the meantime the band played several gigs in the USA this summer, getting an overwhelming response, while supporting bands like Blind Guardian and Soilwork.

ATROX are still working in the reharsal room to compose their new album, with plans to enter a studio this winter. You can hear an unreleased Atrox song, plus a track from their last album on Season Of Mist on the upcoming code666 compilation.

DIABOLICUM are now busy with their side-project The Bloodline (with Mysteriis from Setherial, Sethlans from Aborym and Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest), but they will enter Greencastle Studio in June 2003 to record the new Diabolicum opus entitled "Vengeance".

BLOODSHED will soon start touring to promote "Inhabitants Of Dis".

Germany’s ENID are currently creating their new, still untitled album to be recorded next year. They’ve already recorded a brand new track for the code666 compilation titled ‘Exemption’.

ABORTUS just re-recorded a couple of songs from their debut album, to be used as bonus tracks for the US-version of "Process Of Elimination", out soon on Brazen Music. In the meantime they are still touring Australia, headlining the "Violent Elimination Tour". Afterwards they will focus on the new album.

L.V.X.ifer (guitar) and Sein (bass) have left THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE, soon to be replaced by H:Kashchej (guitars / noises) and Nordvargr (mastermind of MZ.412). The band is currently working on the next album (working title "Fractures In The Iron Youth"), an electro-noise delirium with power electronics, dub and drum ‘n’ bass beats. The long delayed official site will be ready soon. Don’t miss the new side project Bacteria Death Module, pure Kollective harsh industrial, out this fall.

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