November 28, 2002

If everything goes well, RAVAGER will enter the studio again in December to record their next album. Here’s the tracklist already: ‘Crestfallen Of Divinity’, ‘Hades Rises’, ‘Fore Told’, ‘In The Depths’, ‘Antagonist Grim’, ‘Of Fire Revealed’, ‘As Shadows Corrupts’ and ‘Nuclear Vomiting Warcraft’.

"Damage Assesment" will be the title for the upcoming HOUWITSER album. All further info you may find at the band’s new website:

DIVINE DECAY are currently finishing up final rehearsals and are ready to record the follow-up to their debut album "Songs Of The Damned". The new album is titled "Maximize The Misery" and will be produced by Janne Joutsenniemi and mixed by Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Stratovarius, Edguy, Therion etc). The album will contain ten new tracks and a cover version of the Theraphy song, ‘The Knives’.

The COFFIN TEXTS dudes keep themselves quite busy. After Bobby had been touring Europe with DIABOLIC recently, now drummer Ariel is touring the US (ten shows) with MALEVOLENT CREATION. He’s also supposed to go to Europe with them later in February 2003. But don’t worry – COFFIN TEXTS themselves have recorded a new four song promo in the meantime (for further details check out our review section), which features the songs ‘To Manifest’, ‘Divination’, ‘Unseen World’ and ‘Throne Of Rhee’. All of them, plus two additional ones, will appear on their next studio album, which will be released by World War III Records early next year.

Directly after their "Infernal Live Orgasm Tour 2002" Austrias BELPHEGOR will enter the studio to create their new album which will be released in May 2003. After that another European tour with Netherland’s ALTAR is planned. For their new studioalbum BELPHEGOR are searching for a new record company at the moment. Interested labels should contact or

Israel’s Death Grind Crust act LEHAVOTH has been signed by Fadeless Records. The band has already completed the recordings for their debut album "Hatred Shaped Man" at Soundlab Studios in Sweden. It was produced by Mr. Mieszko Talarczyk from NASUM / GENOCIDE SUPERSTAR. "Hatred Shaped Man" is supposed to be out in February 2003.

The re-issues of the first two VOMITORY albums are delayed.

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