October 02, 2002

Set for a release date on October 28th is IMMOLATION‘s new album "Unholy Cult". It will be available in limited edition slipcase (5000 copies only) and strictly limited vinyl version, available directly from Listenable Records for 15,- Euro postpaid. "Unholy Cult" was already pointed "Album of 2002" in the biggest Israeli Metal forum "Hyde Park Metal" (1300 users only in the "Metal" forum), reaching 10/10 (the last album got this mark was Nevermore’s "Dead Heart…" CD).

Sweden’s LUCIFERION will finally unleash their new album "The Apostate" in March 2003. If everything goes well the recordings will be finished before Christmas.

ABORTED are currently completing the writing process for their upcoming new full length "Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done". In a new line-up, the band feels quite confident about the new material. The album will include the following 10 tracks, 8 of them being new songs: ‘The Saw And The Carnage Done’, ‘Recidivist In Suicide’, ‘Misanthropic Murder Mind’, ‘Clinical Colostomy’, ‘Sanguine Verses Of Extirpation’, ‘Parasitic Flesh Resection’, ‘Methiculous Invagination’, ‘Sea Of Cartilage’ (new version, originally on the split with Christ Denied), ‘Carnal Forge’ (CARCASS cover) and ‘Charted Carnal Effigy’. It will be recorded at Aabenraa Studios in Denmark, produced by Jacob Johansen (Iniquity, Illdisposed, Invocator, Hatesphere, etc) and should see an early March release, just before the band embarks on their European tour with IMMOLATION.

VILE, INHUME (second half of the tour), DISAVOWED, MANGLED (first half of the tour), SPAWN OF POSSESSION will tour Europe together in early 2003. The tour will start in the Netherlands on February 20 and will also end there on March 16. In between they will hit the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. The booking agency is Driven By Metal. Please get in touch with Driven By Metal Agency for further info: Rob Peters or Wilko at Fadeless Records. VILE’s much sought debut "Stench Of The Deceased" will be exclusively re-released with bonus tracks in February 2003 through Listenable Records.

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