October 16, 2002

After more than 5 years PENTACLE is rehearsing with two guitarists again. Nothing is official yet as the band is trying out someone who has been involved with the band for its whole existence. For now they are rehearsing the live-set and some new songs as a fourpiece. The "Ancient Death" MCD has finally been released through Dark Realm Records in the US. now. Interesting parties should contact Dark Realm Records: www.sadisticintent.net

AISLING will enter Eddy Meola’s Studio to record a promo with four songs during the first week of November. This time as guest there will be Callum from the scottish band Soulgreed to record some sessions with his pipe. Further info at: www.infinito.it/utenti/aisling/

On January 27, 2003 Hammerheart Records will release "Sumerian Daemons", the new album by SEPTIC FLESH. Some of the songtitles are ‘Unbeliever’, ‘Red Code Cult’, ‘Dark River’, ‘Faust’ and ‘Mechanical Babylon’. "Sumerian Daemons" was recorded at Studio Fredman in Sweden, with producer Fredrik Nordström. The photo-shoot / artwork was done in cooperation with the famous FX Masters (The Azahoulos Brothers) in Greece, also known for cinema and TV-productions. For more info on SEPTIC FLESH go to: www.go.to/septicflesh

The vinyl debut from DECIEVERION will be released in 333 or 500 copies on Hellflame Productions (www.hellflameprod.cjb.net) early next year. The band consists of former members of Crucifier, Infernal Hatred and Grand Belial’s Key. Previously there will be a CD version that should be released in four – five weeks from now on the American label Crooked Crosses ( drink.to/ccr).

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