October 24, 2002

Fearsome Records have just released a Thrash, Death, Black, Doom, Speed and Heavy Metal compilation CD entitled "Blown To Pieces". The following bands appear on it: Mortuary I.O.D., Kronos, Urshurark, Merendine Atomiche, Sublustris, Chain, Molestor, Mandatory Suicide, Inhuman Hatred, Temple of Eternity, Last Fear, Angantyr, Enraged, The Conjuring. All further info: www.fearsomerecs.nl.nu

Due to problems with the Pipeline officals, the organisator had to cancel the "Deathcore Festival" on Saturday, October 26th at Pipeline Park, Messancy, on which DESDEMONIA were meant to play. In order not to disappoint their fans, DESDEMONIA decided to put up a last-minute gig at "Le Marignan", Athus (BEL) which is only 5 km away from Messancy. The day of the show will not change and the show will feature DESDEMONIA, NO-LOKOST and more.

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