October 28, 2002

Code 666 Records have signed Italy’s Black Metal horde HANDFUL OF HATE for the release of their new album "Vicecrown". The band is said to play "violent and technical Black / Death Metal, somewhere between Angelcorpse and Marduk". "Vicecrown" will be recorded in February 2003 at No Fear Studio in Ravenna and produced by Paso. The tracklist: ‘Vexer’s Kult’, ‘I Hate!’, ‘Boldly Erected’, ‘Risen Into Abuse’, ‘Beating Violence’, ‘Hierarch In Lust (Vice Ostentation XI)’ and ‘Carnal Spite (Held In Leash)’. The release is scheduled for late Spring 2003, followed by a tour.

The DEPRESSION / GONORRHOEACTION split 7"EP is done. It includes 7 new studio trax of groovy Death / Grind from DEPRESSION (including the coverversion ‘Radio Hit’ from Anal Cunt), and 4 new songs of brutal Goregrind from GONORRHOEACTION (including the coverversion ‘Torso’ from Machetazo). The EP is limited to 1.000 handnumbered copies and available from Cudgel Agency: office@cudgel.de

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