October 29, 2002

Unfortunately, PROFANITY won’t be able to play the Ear Terror Festival this coming weekend. Instead, HARMONY DIES will take their place.

MALEVOLENT CREATION have replaced drummer Justin DiPinto (who still played on "The Will To Kill") with Ariel Alvarado.

Skullfucked Productions have just released a GERBE OF LIFE / REPUDIATE split CD. Further info at: www.skullfucked.ht.st

From a reliable source we got the info that Germany’s Thrash masters ASSASSIN, who released two albums back in the 80s ("The Upcoming Terror" and "Interstellar Experience") are about to reform! Original vocalist Robert Gonnella has just contributed backing vocals to the debut album of Israel’s NAIL WITHIN, who recorded their debut album at Spiderhouse Studio in Lutte, Germany with Harris Johns and Zeev Tananboim. Other guests to appear on the record are Mille Petrozza (Kreator), Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates, Lock Up, The Great Deciever), Zeev Tananboim (Salem) and Harris Johns himself. The self titled album will be released by Listenable Records in early 2003.

The HEARSE debut album "Dominion Reptilian" will be released in February 2003. It was recorded in four weeks during the summer of 2002 in the Stockholm situated studio Dog Pound Audio (a.o. Entombed, Terra Firma) together with studio technician Jonas Edler. Some of the titles on the album are ‘Cosmic Daughter’, ‘Rapture In Twilight’, ‘End Of Days’ and the title track ‘Dominion Reptilian’. HEARSE consists of the following members: Johan Liiva (ex – ARCH ENEMY / FURBOWL) – vocals & strings, Max Thornell (ex – FURBOWL) – drums & strings and Mattias Ljung – strings. According to the band the sound on "Dominion Reptilian" has the old FURBOWL vibe with a touch of MERCYFUL FATE in it. Not a big surprise of course since Johan and Max used to be in FURBOWL together between 1990 – 1994. Mattias brought that MERCYFUL FATE influence into the music. As an appetizer Hammerheart Records recently released a strictly limited edition (500 copies) 7" EP with two exclusive songs, ‘Torch’ and ‘Avalon’.

Earache Records will be celebrating a X-MAS PARTY on December 16, 2002 at Rock City in Nottingham. Performing live: The Berzerker, Insision, Without Face and Cult Of Luna (debut UK show), DJ’s Matt Zane (Society 1), Lee Barrett (Elitist Records) and many more surprises. For further info go to: www.earache.com/media/news_stories/earache.html#party

MORTIIS‘ "The Smell Of Rain" album is to be re-released on November 4, 2002 with additional tracks, remixed by the likes of Lustmord and Raven Fox and Tarmvred.

Sweden’s aggro-Thrash five piece CORPORATION 187 have completed their second album for Wicked World entitled "Perfection In Pain", due for release November 4, 2002 in the UK.

MORBID ANGEL‘s classic first two albums – "Altars Of Madness" and "Blessed Are The Sick" are to be re-released on November 11, 2002 with extensive liner notes written by Trey Azagthoth, new photos from the band’s personal archive, and a bonus CDRom video on each, packaged in an exclusive slipcase.

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