September 26, 2002

EMBALMING THEATRE from Switzerland have been signed by Razorback Records. According to a label info, they are "a must listen for fans of bands like Machetazo, Squash Bowels, etc." The band has released many split 7" EP’s with Agathocles, Final Exit, Unholy Grave, and soon splits with Sewn Shut, Gored Face and more to come. Their debut full-length CD is supposed to be released late Summer 2003. In the meantime, you can check out some mp3’s on the band’s website., label contact: Razorback Records, PO Box 321, Farmingville, NY 11738, USA,,

The three RAZOR CD’s that currently appeared on Ebay seem to be official re-issues. Walter Giardetti, the sales manager of Unidisc Music Inc. in Canada (the label that put them out), just sent us the following statement: "Dear Mr. Stover, yes, we have re-issued and re-mastered 3 of RAZOR’s albums on CD… If they have Unidisc’s logo and bar codes on them, then they should be legitimate… They are "Executioner’s Song" (#ATM-0103), "Evil Invaders" (#ATM-0112) and "Malicious Intent"(#ATM-0116). We will also be re-releasing CD’s by ANVIL and KILLER DWARFS in the near future." You can check out the original label flyer here.

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