April 24, 2003

The new THRONEAEON CD has been sent to the printers. It will be entitled "Godhate" and here’s your chance to win three signed CD’s. All you have to do to be a part of the contest is follow these simple steps: Check out www.godhate.com, then send an e-mail, as described below, to at least 5 friends. The e-mail has to include a link to www.godhate.com and the line "Have you heard of this great Death Metal band??" The subject-line of the e-mail has to be "THRONEAEON –> GODHATE". You enter the contest by writing info@throneaeon.com in the "BCC" section of the e-mail header. You will now automatically be a part of the competition with a chance to win a free signed THRONEAEON "Godhate" CD. Good luck! The last day for the competition is May the 11th, so make sure to send out those e-mail’s before it’s too late. The three winners will each get their own signed THRONEAEON "Godhate" album as the band gets them from the printers. The winners will be announced at www.godhate.com shortly after the deadline.

THORIUM are currently in the process of writing new material for their third record (to be released on Diehard Music again) and getting ready to slaughter Germany, at this years Party San Open Air Festival www.party-san.de. Brett Hoffmann dropped by at the band’s rehearsal room, when having some ink done in Copenhagen, and did some backing vocals and a guitar lead (!!!) on THORIUM’s new promo. Jesper Frost (drums) has been spending some time in the shade, for violently assault and disorderly behaviour. But the band has been rehearsing with Rodriquez el Mordé from Mexican Legion Hammer Slaughter for some time now. Many of you die hard fans from the good old days will remember him from his involment in Satan Corpse. All further info at: www.thorium666.dk

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