August 05, 2003

THE CROWN have finished the recordings for their brandnew album "Possessed 13" at Studio Fredman. It will be released in Europe as a limited edition double CD digipak first (no confirmation about the rest of the world yet), with different (but related) artwork. Here’s the final tracklist. Disc 1: ‘No Tomorrow’, ‘Face Of Destruction / Deep Hit Of Death’, ‘Deliverance’, ‘Cold Is The Grave’, ‘Dream Bloody Hell’ (instrumental), ‘Morningstar Rising’, ‘Are You Morbid?’, ‘Bow To None’, ‘Kill Em All’, ‘Natashead Overdrive’, ‘Zombiefied’, ‘Dawn Of Emptiness’ and ‘In Memoriam’ (instrumental). Disc 2: ‘Last Rite’ (the band’s very first "pro" recording from ’92), the whole "Forever Heaven Gone" demo ’93 (‘Seventh Gate’, ‘Deadspawn’, ‘Diachronic Damnation’, ‘The Lord Of The Rings’, ‘Beyond Where Darkness Dwells’, ‘Forever Heaven Gone’), the whole "Forget The Light" demo ’94 (‘Soulicide Demon-Might’, ‘Godless’, ‘Neverending Dream’, ‘Candles’), ‘Burnin’ Leather’ (a Bathory cover) and ‘Rebel Angel’ (demo version). All demosongs got remastered for this release. The album’s supposed to hit the stores on October 20th 2003.

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