August 15, 2003

SEVERE TORTURE have recruited an extra guitarplayer to their line-up: "We met Marvin (Blo.Torch) during the Cannibal Corpse tour last year were he played (guest) guitar for Dew-Scented. Currently we are writing stuff for the upcoming album based on 2 guitars and it sounds absolutely killer!!!" Unfortunately Severe Torture will not be able to participate on the re-scheduled European tour with Hate Eternal and Dying Fetus in January 2004.

After this year’s BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL with acts such as TWISTED SISTER, DIO, AMON AMARTH, HYPOCRISY, OVERKILL, HIRAX, DESTRUCTOR and many others, the most relaxed festival among the big German ones already presents the first confirmed acts for next year. The list of artists set to perform at the BANG YOUR HEAD!!!-festival 2004 at Balingen, Germany, 25th / 26th of June, so far: PRIMAL FEAR, LILIAN AXE, ANGEL, BLAZE, OMEN, CAGE and MAJESTY. All further details about the festival may be found at the BYH-homepage at Tickets are available at the ticket-hotline (+49-74 57-9 13 93) and pretty soon via the homepage as well. Details about ordering may be found there as well. Prices will be 55, – Euro (plus shipping) at presales. Tickets are limited to a number of 22000. By this the organisators want to ensure that the special and relaxed atmosphere of the event won’t suffer.

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