August 25, 2003

KONKHRA have just confirmed their headlining European Tour as well as their first ever performance in Israel, on Oct. 16th as part of the Metalist Festival. The tour hits the following countries so far: Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Israel. The band is currently in the process of negotiating offers from Greece and South Africa. Check out for all further details.

According to, several of Moonfog’s most prominent artists are currently in the studio. DHG (Dodheimsgard) and GEHENNA have started recording their new albums, KHOLD are currently in pre-production for their next output and new Moonfog signees DISIPLIN are also presently in the studio to record their debut.

Drummer Sean Reinert (CYNIC, DEATH, GORDION KNOT) has rejoined AGHORA ( and will record the band’s new album with them in L.A. this fall. The band will also now feature female vocalist Susie Green. Her and Danishta Rivero will exchange vocals on the new album, due out in early 2004.

UNMOORED‘s former lead guitarist, Tomas Johansson, has rejoined the band. Their new album, "Indefinite Soul-Extension", is due out through Code666 on October 27th. The band’s website,, is up and running again after server changes.

HANDFUL OF HATE are ready to unleash their new album, "ViceCrown". Artwork on the release comes from state-of-the-art studio The album is set for release on October 27th through Code666. A full UK tour will follow shortly after. See the band’s new official website at:

Norway’s ATROX plan to shoot a video to promote the release of their brand new album, "Orgasm", due out through Code666 on October 27th. The albums artwork comes courtesy of Atrox lead singer Monika Edvarsen. For more on the band go to:

ZYKLON‘s official website,, reports that the US release of the band’s forthcoming "Aeon" album has been pushed back to September 23rd. In related news, Zyklon have just completed a video for the track ‘Psyklon Aeon’, from the new album. The clip will premier at "Aeon"’s release party in Oslo, Norway on September 19th. Also performing at the party are VOID and DISIPLIN.

DARKNESS ETERNAL bassist George will be playing session bass for Mexican / Chicago death mongers THE CHASM. The shows will take place on September 19th and 20th in Cudahy, WI and Chicago, IL, respectively. For more details please visit The Chasm’s official website, located at (

According to a post by bassist Henka T. Blacksmith on CHILDREN OF BODOM‘s official website, SINERGY guitarist Roope Latvala has stepped in to replace Alexander Kuoppala, who recently quit the band for personal reasons. Latvala is not a full time member (as yet); he has simply agreed to fill in until the end of the "Hate Crew Deathroll" tour, which winds up at the end of the year.

DESTRUCTION release their "Metal Discharge" album in Europe on September 22nd through Nuclear Blast. The first edition 2CD set features bonus cover songs and rare demos.

MORBID ANGEL‘s "Heretic" album will be released on 2LP and limited edition 2CD sets through Earache on September 22nd.

MORRIGAN are currently recording their third CD "Celts", which is supposed to be released in December 2003 / January 2004 on the band’s own label Horns Of Cernunos Prod. Later on there is also gonna be a re-release of MAYHEMIC TRUTH’s "In Memoriam" CD (with different artwork and bonus material), a MORRIGAN / SARGATANAS split 7"EP and maybe some releases of other bands as well. For more info write to or visit

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