December 09, 2003

Denmark’s EXMORTEM have made an agreement with Unique Leader Records for the release of their "US Berzerker Campaign" CD, which will be out in the US / Canada on February 10, 2004. This CD will include the full "Berzerker Legions" album, plus 6 bonus tracks. The release will be followed up by a US tour early next year. In related news, the band’s "Kilstorms" 7" will be out through Ancient Darkness during the first week of the new year. The first 50 copies will come in camouflage vinyl with a poster included, while the "Pest Campaign" vinyl 10" (which will be released through Osmose) will include 3 live tracks (recorded in Valencia, Spain) and a re-recorded track that was recorded during the "Pestilence Empire" session. For further info check out:

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