February 07, 2003

MONOLITH will be playing a European tour together with THE CROWN and SKINLESS starting on March 21st, 2003. The tracklist for their upcoming album "The Apotheosis" will be: ‘Doomed To Slaughter’, ‘The Malleus Maleficarum Manuscript’, ‘Monolith Deathcult’, ‘The Forest Of Flesh’, ‘The Apotheosis’ (instrumental), ‘Cathedral Of Corpses’, ‘The Deserved Reputation Of Cruelty’, ‘Desecration Of The Black Stone’ and ‘Ancient Arena Of Death -The Colosseum Carnage’.

This year’s second edition of the EXTREME METALFEST in Brazil will take place on March 15 and feature the following acts: PANDEMIA, TOTAL FUCKIN DESTRUCTION, DROWNED, SUBTERA, NECROTÉRIO, ZÊNITE, NERVOCHAOS, IN HELL, KRUEGER, CHC and BLOOD FOR THE WOUND. For further info contact: tumba_records@uol.com.br

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