February 11, 2003

As most of you will probably have heard by now, Poland’s Agonia Records will be releasing a limited edition 10" MLP (500 ordinary vinyl copies as well as 100 picture discs) of San Francisco’s Death Metal legend POSSESSED. The band’s frontman Jeff Becerra told us the following details about it: "It is going to be the (1984) demo, some live stuff (a better mix than the "Fallen Angels" EP) and a song from a side project that I am doing called SIDE EFFECT." In related news, Century Media will be releasing a limited edition singles boxset of the "Seven Churches" album later this year.

DEICIDE are currently hard at work in the rehearsal room writing the debut CD for Earache. Drummer Steve Asheim gives fans the lowdown: "Greetings DEICIDE fans. News from the bowels of the DEICIDE camp. Work proceeds on the new material and fans should expect a vicious and brutal release from the band sometime this summer. The new disc will contain brand new material with maybe a little surprise or two in store… Christians beware, DEICIDE will be hitting the U.S. highways this March thru April for a tour with some brutal bands from Europe so fans in the States should check their local listings and come out for the carnage. Fans in Europe should listen out for word on summer fest appearances by the band as well. Keep your ears peeled for more updates, DEI-freaks." See pics of the band in the rehearsal here: www.earacherecords.org/news_stories/deicide.html#studio

A limited edition (10.000 copies) of THE HAUNTED‘s new album "One Kill Wonder" will also be available in a ‘casebox’ edition (in the UK and Europe only). It will contain the CD wrapped in ‘police line’ tape, as well as 6 ‘suspect cards’ featuring the members of the band, all housed in a box set. The case box edition is only available from the label’s webstore: www.earache.com/store/page10.html. The band’s debut DVD "Caught On Tape" has entered the Swedish DVD midweek sales charts at Number 1 on its first week in stores. The band and Earache want to thank all their loyal fans for rushing out to purchase the DVD in such numbers. Therefore the new THE HAUNTED CD includes a bonus track ‘Creed’ only for Swedish fans.

HATE ETERNAL are at work on their first video, for the song ‘Powers That Be’ off their new album "King Of All Kings". With director Kevin Leonard at the helm, the band began shooting on February 1st in their hometown of Tampa, Florida. Hate Eternal embark on their first headlining tour, with Dying Fetus, Kataklysm and Into Eternity, on February 14th.

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