February 26, 2003

Dutch melodic Death / Thrashers DETONATION have signed a 3-album deal with Osmose. The debut full-length "An Epic Defiance" was recorded in Excess Studios, Rotterdam (NL) at the end of 2002 and contains 12 songs of blasting melodic Death / Thrash in the Swedish vein. Expect a summer 2003 release.

On March 10, 2003 Nocturnal Art Productions will be releasing a limited edition (1000 copies only!) ZYKLON / RED HARVEST split 7" EP. The bands material got remixed by UK artist OCD (VOID) for that. To quote the label here: "Extreme Metal transferred into a mix of dark distorted noise and hard-hitting underground club music." ZYKLON hits the studio this month. Their new album will be out on Candlelight Records in September.

"Posthuman", the debut album by UK’s VOID will see the light of day on April 07.

Norway’s LIMBONIC ART have split up. For more details, check out: www.limbonic.com

The new AETERNUS album "A Darker Monument" will be released by Nocturnal Art Productions on April 07.

GOD DETHRONED just released the following press statement regarding the cancellation of their shows in Slovenia: "GOD DETHRONED would like to apologize to all the Italian and Slovenian fans who came to see the shows we were supposed to do with The Crown. We would like to state that we really wanted to play those shows, but due to a lack of professionalism of the tour promoter we were unable to show up. The simple reason for this is the flight tickets never got sent to the band. After several excuses of the promoter the final (and most ridiculous) excuse was that the UPS truck was involved in an accident and burned out totally with (of course) our flight tickets inside. Now the guy promises us to send us the money for the shows, which of course will also never happen. God Dethroned are very dissappointed about not being able to perform for our Italian and Slovenian fans, but this was totally beyond our control! We hope to see you next time on tour!On behalf of God Dethroned, Henri Sattler."

Here’s a little update on THE CROWN‘s latest tour activities, courtesy of Marko himself: "Let me first start by telling you that the 2 Italian shows we did was fucking excellent. Very cool. A big Grazie to the bands and fans we met. But the Slovenian experience was a big fucking mess. Here’s the story: We came to the border and were denied getting into the country. The reason was that we didn’t have documents from the Swedish and Italian government saying that we were the owners of our equipment. Let me tell you one thing, we have played in 17 countries (EU and non EU countries) and NEVER had a problem like this before. So we decided to go to a second border. And we were denied again to enter the country. And this time NOT cause of the equipment but simply cause they didn’t want us to get in. SO… we decided to try a THIRD border. And surprise surprise, they let us in with no problems, they didn’t even want any documents. But then they decided to not let in the opening acts, and all the backline (drums, amplifiers etc.) were in their bus. So we waited 4-5 hours on the border hoping that they would let them in. We asked our tourmanager to contact the Slovenian promotor and beg him to provide some drums and amps for us. At this point we were prepared to do a show with one cymbal only if necessary. But the reply was that the promotor couldn’t get us any kind of instruments. We were REALLY looking forward to do these two sold-out shows. We even planned to record them on video. The bottomline is, we had to go back to Italy and cancel these two shows. Very fucking frustrating, but what could we do? The border acted like they could do whatever they wanted to. And the fucked up thing is that we heard that people had traveled from Croatia and Austria to see us perform. Trust me, we are as sorry as you that we couldn’t play. This cancellation was TOTALLY beyond our control!!!"

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