February 28, 2003

We recently received three new releases from Mausoleum Records, that not necessarily fit our narrowminded musical concept, but nice as we are, we figured to give them at least a little mention in this news section here. First of all there’s TECHNOCRACY‘s self-titled debut (49:10min), which is the new musical home of former VIO-LENCE, MACHINE HEAD, TORQUE guitarist Phil Demmel. Could be of interest to fans of the aforementioned acts as it’s also rather groovy NU Metal here, but combined with melodic vocals as well as electronic music (www.technocracynow.com). Next up is "After War" (68:30min), the third full length by Austria’s EKPYROSIS. A rather weird musical mixture, kinda like unconventional, yet technical Power / Thrash with interesting guitarwork, almost proggy sounding keyboards and vocals full of anger (www.ekpyrosis.com). Last, but not least, my personal fave out of the three, AFTER ALL‘s fourth album "Mercury Rising" (44:28min). These guys from Belgium almost come across like a thrashy NWOBHM act, have got a nice Kris Verwimp coverart, a production courtesy of Harris Johns, two bonus videos, as well as ‘Black God White Devil’, a cover song by LA MUERTE (www.listen.to/afterall). All further info you also may get directly from Mausoleum Records.

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