January 07, 2003

Florida’s CONTORTED has booked the studio for February to record their debut for Still Dead Productions. Musically the band is being described as "very fast brutal death fucking Metal in the Floridian style." Their line-up consists of Ed Webb (ex – Brutality, Diabolic and Eulogy), Pete Sykes (ex – Brutality and Execration) and Jim Coker (ex – Brutality). Here is a statement from Ed Webb: "We are so excited about this CD and we are dying to tour Europe and we will blow the faces off DIABOLIC that’s for sure. Music isn’t only about speed but heaviness and great riffs and they miss the boat on that lately, but we will dominate this planet"

The new GOD DETHRONED album "Into The Lungs Of Hell" will be released as a double-CD. The package will include a fat booklet and a bonus-CD. Here’s the track listing of the bonus-CD: ‘God Dethroned’ (re-recorded version), ‘Satan’s Curse’ (Possessed Cover), ‘The Execution Protocol’, ‘The Grand Grimoire’, ‘Nocturnal’, ‘Under A Silver Moon’, ‘The Somberness Of Winter’, ‘Serpent King’. (tracks 3 – 8 were recorded live at the "Whiskey A GoGo" in Los Angeles , February 2000 on the Death Metal Massacre Tour with Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal and Diabolic), ‘Villa Vampiria’ (video-clip) and ‘Under The Golden Wings Of Death’ (video-clip). The album will also be released on vinyl.

Sound Recording Advice is the title of a new book, which simplifies the process of establishing a home recording studio. There’s also a website connected to it, which gives plenty of free advice on how to configure a home recording studio. The website and the book are all about education. Check out www.soundrecordingadvice.com for all further info.

The new album by THE CROWN won’t be out before summer of 2003. Here’s a little update from Magnus Olsfelt himself: "Alright, we are right now in the process of rehearsing new material for the next album. This time we are heading for the ultimate and so far it sounds very promising. The new material is pretty diverse but in general the songs have more power. Hard-hitting and straight forward, with more natural flow. So that the energy and force comes straight back to you. Some song titles are: ‘No Tomorrow’, ‘Face Of Destruction’ / ‘Deep Hit Of Death’, ‘Are You Morbid?’, ‘Cold Is The Grave’, ‘Kill ‘Em All’, ‘Natashead Overdrive’, ‘Dawn Of Emptiness’, ‘Crown Of Thorns’… and there’s more coming up of that wild-style mix of true deathmetalthrashpunkblackhardrockhorrormelody – shit going on! So it seems like you will have to deal with the ultimate THE CROWN album ever next year! Be forewarned!" Magnus www.thecrownonline.com

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