January 10, 2003

According to reliable sources, drummer Aantar Lee Coates was just fired from Florida’s Death Metal masters DIABOLIC.

ABHORRENCE are currently working on the follow-up to their "Evoking The Abomination" debut album. The delay is explained by the long distance between their bass player / vocalist Marcello and the rest of the band’s homes which makes rehearsals harder to do. The new record should be done in June 2003.

Cold Blood Industries have signed MONOLITH, a brutal Dutch Death Metal band that consists of ex-members from ALTAR and DEAD HEAD. Their debut "The Apotheosis" will be released on March 21st, accompanied by a European tour together with THE CROWN and SKINLESS. For more info check out www.monolith-deathcult.com

N.Y. Death Metal masters IMMOLATION have made a lot of new fans all over Europe during the very successful Xmas fests. Although the band played a short set of 30 minutes due to the numerous amount of bands every night, they pulled a crazy crowd and played new songs from their current album "Unholy Cult", like the epic title track and the insane ‘Rival The Eminent’ along with new classics like ‘Of Martyrs And Men’ and the moody ‘Bring Them Down’ and old classic tunes like ‘Into Everlasting Fire’ as well. For those who haven’t been lucky enough to catch them live, a DVD is being prepared for an Autumn 2003 release. IMMOLATION’s new album has also been in the Dutch indie charts for the past 7 weeks along with other Metal bands like SYMPHONY X, OPETH… Without a doubt, the cult is growing.

Israel’s NAIL WITHIN are finally releasing their much talked about debut album in early February. It features the following tracks: ‘Dirty-Colored-Knife’ (with Mille Petrozza (KREATOR), Tomas Lindberg (THE GREAT DECEIVER) and Zeev from SALEM on backing vocals. ‘Bleed Forever’ (with Robert Gonnella from legendary German Thrash band ASSASSIN on backing vocals). There will also be a sick video of ‘Dirty-Colored-Knife’ as a bonus. The album was recorded at Spiderhouse Studio in Germany ( Sodom , Krisiun, Night In Gales) and produced by Harris Johns (Kreator, Sodom , Helloween) and Zeev Tananboim. An mp3 is posted in the sound section on the Listenable Records website www.listenable.net

VILE are to re-release their much sought after debut album "Stench Of The Deceased" with 3 live tracks and an unreleased song on February 17, 2003. In the same month, the band will also embark on a full European tour with MANGLED, INHUME, DISAVOWED and SPAWN OF POSSESSION.

After an amazing U.K. tour with KREATOR, the mad Swedes from DERANGED have returned home totally chuffed. They unfortunately had to cancel their 3 dates on the Xmas fest but DERANGED will be back on track next February with another bunch of U.K. dates with NO RETURN and SCARVE. They will also do a long awaited 8 date treck in France in March 2003 in support of the new album "Plainfield Cemetery ".

The release of the ABORTED / EXHUMED live split 10inch was postponed to Spring 2003. It will feature 3 songs from each band. The ABORTED side was recorded in Europe and the EXHUMED side was recorded in Japan . It will be limited to 500 copies, so everyone interested should save their copy as soon as the release date is confirmed. ABORTED’s new album "Goremageddon – The Saw And The Carnage Is Done" is currently being mastered at Aabenra studios in Denmark.

SCARVE are back from a very impressive European tour with NILE and are already working on a new album to be recorded with Daniel Bergstrand (MESHUGGAH, SYL) in Sweden. The album should be out in October 2003.

Finnland’s MORS PRINCIPIUM EST are putting the final touches to their debut album "Inhumanity" at Tico Tico studios. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Another Creation’, ‘Eternity’s Child’, ‘In My Words’, ‘Inhumanity’, ‘D.I.B’, ‘The Lust Called Knowledge’, ‘Oblivion’, ‘Life In Black’, ‘Last Apprentice’, and ‘Into Illusion’. The album will be issued in March. An older demo track is available in the sound section on the Listenable Records website www.listenable.net

Following their worldwide well-acclaimed debut album "A World Depraved", AMARAN is set to record the follow-up in April 2003 in Studio Underground ­ Västerås , Sweden . This young band has grown a lot musically since their debut and the new material is both heavier and more dynamic, to further accentuate the contrast between the instruments and vocals. The album, yet unnamed, is set to be released after the summer of 2003 through Listenable Records.

THRASH ZONE is the name of a really cool new website, dedicated to the Thrash Metal scene from past to present (with discographies, pics, bios, links to fan- and webzines etc.) – you will find it here: http://get-me.to/thrashzone

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