January 13, 2003

PA / USA – based Death / Grinders CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN got signed by Displeased Records. The band’s music evolved into a highly original mix of Death / Grind, Crust / Core, Jazz, old school Death Metal and harsh noise. Their upcoming full length "Human Harvest" (CD and LP) will be recorded shortly for a late April 2003 release.

PERISHED are now completely finished with recording, mixing and mastering their upcoming new full length "Seid" (still a working title), their first album for Displeased Records. It’s said to be "a perfect hybrid of recent Dimmu Borgir and 1996-era Mayhem. " Expect a late March 2003 release.

Norway’s ENTHRAL will record their first album for Displeased Records in January / February with a scheduled June 2003 release. Guest vocals got performed by Martin Walkyier (Sabbat, Skyclad).

Swedish MANEGARM have completed their new full length "Dödsfärd" at Underground Studios. On this release there will be even more emphasis on Viking themes and lyrics. The title is referring to the ancient burials of the Vikings, and the music has shown to be a fine, yet very recognizable elaboration of the band’s first two releases. Belgian artist Kris Verwimp will again take care of the cover art.

Displeased Records will re-issue the debut full lengths of NINNGHIZHIDDA ("Blasphemy" + 1 bonus track – out February 2003) and INTERNAL SUFFERING ("Supreme Knowledge Domain" + 3 bonus tracks – out March 2003).

Expect LP versions of ULVER ("Nattens Madrigal"), Borknagar ("Olden Domain") and CRYPTOPSY ("Whisper Supremacy") in late January 2003.

From Beyond Productions just released the European CD version of the "Wet Slit And A Bottle Of Whiskey" album by US asshole rockers EAT MY FUK. Consisting of prominent and legendary members of the US Black and Death Metal scene, the band is not to be compared to the related acts, but rather to the sickest works of the likes of GG Allin, Motörhead and a very early Venom. The LP version will follow in late January 2003, since the original pressing plant was too offended by the front cover / backside cover artwork of the release.

Back in 1985 Paul Speckmann / MASTER got signed by US label Combat, and recorded a thunderous to-be debut album the same year. Due to insuperable differences the contract got torn up and Paul went on with his new band Deathstrike. After the re-union, Master got signed with Nuclear Blast and recorded many stunning albums in the 1990s. Now, almost 20 years later, the original 1985 album recordings are dug up from the vaults to be immortalized on CD and vinyl. The release will come with early 1990s demo tracks as a bonus. To be released in May 2003.

California based brutal Death / Grinders SEPSISM have signed to From Beyond Productions. The band is still around, performed at last years Ohio Death Fest and just released an early material / live CD themselves. Moreover, at the moment they are completing "To Prevail In Disgust", the follow-up to their much-anticipated 1999 debut "Purulent Decomposition". Release in late April 2003.

From Beyond Productions will release the first full length of Colombian hyper-blasters GORETRADE. Containing members of the Internal Suffering clan, Goretrade is even more grinding and severe. Expect nothing less than the most extreme Death / Grind ever heard. To be recorded in the USA in February 2003, to be released in late May 2003.

SIKSAKUBUR, Indonesia’s answer to Cryptopsy, will release both their "The Carnage" (2000) and "Back To Vengeance" (2001) sessions (previously only locally released on cassette) re-mastered on one CD, with improved artwork. Release date: late February 2003.

Grim barbaric raw war warriors MANIAC BUTCHER are not back together (RIP 2000), though to salute the German fans especially a new release will be done (CD and LP) posthumously, containing raw live recordings from four different Maniac Butcher gigs done in Germany during 1997-2000. Guest bass by Akhenaten (a.k.a. Judas Iscariot). Release date: late March 2003. Since 2000 ex-Maniac Butcher members have been working with the likes of Agmen, Iron Fist, Avenger, Judas Iscariot and Nargaroth.

BARBATOS is no other than ABIGAIL’s mainman Yasuyuki. While concentrating on old school Black Metal in Abigail, Barbatos is Yasuyuki’s outlet for a nostalgic mix of early / mid eighties Thrash, NWOBHM and catchy raw Punk / Rock. His previous full length showed references of the likes of Bulldozer, Carnivore, Warfare and early Venom. His upcoming full length album "Rocking Metal Motherfucker" will be out in June 2003 on From Beyond Productions.

KRISIUN perform the final concert of their "Ageless Venomous" World Tour at Vale do Paraíba in Tremembé, São Paulo, Brazil on February 8. Support includes ANCESTRAL MALEDICTION and OPHIOLATRY.

INFLICTION singer Idris has left the band for personal reasons. They have replaced him with Björn Goosses (NIGHT IN GALES) who has played a few shows with the band already. INFLICTION are currently writing new songs for their second full length which will be entitled "Earshot". Expect a early 2003 release.

IN FLAMES plan to return to North America for a string of dates to run from March to May. Confirmed details and dates will be available soon.

PUNGENT STENCH will play a few West Coast dates this February. Several East Coast dates are also being planned.

Former VOIVOD bassist / vocalist Eric Forrest is to release the first album from new band PROJECT FAILING FLESH in February. It’s called "A Beautiful Sickness" and includes a cover of VEMOM’s ‘Warhead’. Forrest recently contacted BW&BK with the following update: "I am involved in a side project called PROJECT FAILING FLESH and I start the vocal tracks at the end of the month. EFORCE is still happening and we are going to sign with a French label in a matter of a few days. I am still working with Borislav Mitic.

ANATA will be in StudioMega in February recording their third full-length album. It will feature ten tracks and will be issued through Earache / Wicked World.

DEATH ANGEL have been added to the February 2nd lineup featuring headliners HALFORD at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, CA. Others on the bill include TESTAMENT, VIO-LENCE and EXHUMED.

The Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, Holland will feature a headlining gig from CRADLE OF FILTH on April 18th. COF will release their new "Damnation And A Day" album in Europe on March 10th.

SATHANAS‘ "Hex Nefarious" CD / LP will be out through Drakkar soon. Meanwhile, the band’s "Warlords Of Death" 7" EP will be out at the end of January and features a cover of BATHORY’s ‘Raise The Dead’.

HYPOCRISY‘s "Abducted" album is available in Europe in the Classic Series. It now features new cover artwork and four bonus tracks.

The Classic Series edtion of KATAKLYSM‘s "Temple Of Knowledge" album comes in digipak format with a bonus clip.

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