January 21, 2003

Italy’s EPHEL DUATH have finally recorded, mixed and mastered their second album "The Painter’s Palette". Davide Tiso has assembled a whole new line-up, with each new member bringing their own individual style and influence into the melting pot.

Finland’s Death Metal prodigies FARMAKON are set for the studio on February 1st to record their debut album. You can follow the band’s progress with the online diary here: http://farmakon.suddenlaunch.com/index.cgi?board=studio

Norway’s progressive Death / Black Metal act LUNARIS have stated that the work on their forthcoming album is now to take priority over the band’s possible live work in the immediate future. This means the planned UK tour and the appearance at the Inferno Festival will now no longer take place. A few big-named producers are in the frame for the band’s next recording session, likely to be around May / June. There’s no title yet, but keyboard player Ray is very satisfied with the rehearsals, proclaiming the new material to be far more aggressive than before, without losing that technical edge.

The new KRIEG album is recorded and will again be issued by Red Stream in early 2003.

Blood, Fire, Death Records will release the following albums within the next months: LUGRUBRUM ("De Totem"), PEST ("Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of Belial") and DEBAUCHERY ("Dead Silent Scream").

BETHLEHEM will issue their "Suicide Radio" interactive CD-rom shortly which includes video clips, remixed songs, photo gallery, flash animation, discography and more. The band is also writing an entirely new album that will be released on Red Stream. It is said to be a combination of all known Bethlehem styles.

DARK FORTRESS will have a release party for their next album "Profane Genocidal Creations" with Sear Bliss and Cirith Gorgor on February 15th, in Landshut, Germany.

Baphomet Records are about to release CDs by ETERNAL SILENCE, SVARTPEST (feat. two NECROPHAGIA members) and SOUL FORSAKEN‘s "Tales of the Macabre".

Red Stream will release the debut CD of MIRRORTHRONE from Switzerland.

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