July 06, 2003

OCCULT just left Stage-One-Studios in Germany where they recorded their 5th album "Elegy For The Weak" produced and engineered by Andy Classen. The album will be out in September on Painkiller Records, featuring the following tracks: ‘Disturbing The Dead’, ‘Nuclear Torment’, ‘Nocturnal Predator’, ‘Feel The Blade’, ‘Expire’, ‘Warbeast’, ‘Obsessed By The Grave’, ‘Slaughtering The Pigs’, ‘Reapers Call’, ‘Slut Of Sodom’ and ‘Until The Battle’ (extra bonus track on lim. 2000 digipak). Two of the songs can be found on the following website: www.xs4all.nl/~lowlife/. An OCCULT DVD will be released in October through Lowlifemedia Productions, covering the complete band story from 1990 until 2003. For further info go to: www.occult.nu

Here’s an official press statement from MALEVOLENT CREATION concerning the cancellation of their tour in Brazil: "Greetings to our fans in Brazil, it is unfortunate but necessary that I have to write this letter. We, meaning the whole band, are very disappointed that the tour of Brazil was cancelled. However, I wanted to write this letter to clear up some rumors that have circulated there that are untrue. It is true that Tony Laureno was thought to play this tour until last month when he found out he had to do shows with Nile. We went on a search all over the US to find a drummer who could do the tour and have the skills to play the songs with intensity and speed…. the way they should be heard. We then asked Gus Rios who had toured with Malevolent in Europe in 2002 but he had prior commitments. We told him how sick these shows were going to be and 2 1/2 weeks ago he was able to change his work schedule and said he could do the tour. As soon as we were home and situated from the Hate Plow tour in Europe, we rehearsed over 20 songs with him the first night of practice. So the rumors of not having a drummer for this tour were and are untrue. The problem is that we were told that our visas would be taken care of by the promoter of the tour while we were on tour in Europe with Hate Plow and they were not. Now I do not have all the details so I cannot blame the problem on the promoter or the embassy either here or in Brazil, but I know we were packed with our luggage and equipment waiting to leave from July 1st – July 3rd but with each morning being told we were denied our visas for different reasons so we were not the cause of the tour being cancelled. Now… we are in discussions to get every show rescheduled as soon as possible. I do not want to say a date yet as nothing is solid but we are hoping that after we return from Europe to do some festivals July 30 thru August 9 we will have the visa situation taken care of can come down there and see how many of you have THE WILL TO KILL!!!!!!!! Once again I want to say how disappointed we are not being able to play Brazil and to meet all of our great fans this time but this situation was not our fault and we accept no blame… Kyle Symons, Malevolent Creation."

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