July 08, 2003

We received these news from Germany’s most interesting underground Classic Metal festival, namely the KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL: "Hi friends, many of you are waiting for the replacement of DAMIEN THORNE. Two weeks before the festival it is almost impossible to get a replacement of the standard of a cult act. So we made the decision, that we will extend the playing time of OMEN and BROCAS HELM by ten minutes each!! Also we want to give an underground newcomer band a great chance to play at KEEP IT TRUE. At the Bang Your Head festival we got the demo of the Greek band BLOODSTAINED and after many times of listening we were really blown away. BLOODSTAINED really sound like old school JAG PANZER with a singer that is very similar to the Tyrant. We are sure, that BLOODSTAINED will fill your heads with US Metal made in Greece. We hope, that you will also be happy about the longer playing time of OMEN and BROCAS HELM. Also we want to say sorry again for the cancellations of DAMIEN THORNE and IRON CROSS, but we could not avoid that." The KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL takes place on July 19, 2003 in Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany at the Tauberfranken Halle. The festival line-up reads as follows: OMEN, BROCAS HELM, MAJESTY, SOLEMNITY, KILLERS (FR), DOOMSWORD, KILLER (BEL), MALEDICTION, ETERNAL REIGN, SOLITAIRE, GUNFIRE, BLOODSTAINED. All further info you may find here: www.keep-it-true.de

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