July 15, 2003

US Black / Deathers CRUCIFIER would like to spread the following message throughout the blackened veins of the Underground Metal scene: "BEHOLD! JESUS CHRIST, NAIL HIM TO THE CROSS!! CRUCIFIER’s "Stronger Than Passing Time" debut full-length, due to release in Summer 2003. This release of utter Hell comes to you from Death To Mankind Records (Spain, www.deathtomankind.com) and The Crucifier Brotherhood, International will rip your soul to shreds. Write now and reserve your copy today!!! Burn In Hell!!!!!"

900 Metal fanatics showed up for SALEM and ARALLU at the Barbie Club in Tel Aviv on July 9th and were received an almost 3 hours long ‘Full Force IDF Metal Attack’. Arallu’s new promo CD is recorded and will be sent to selected labels / magazines soon. For updates check www.geocities.com/arallu666/.

Yishay Swearts of Raven Music label / distro has left NAIL WITHIN for personal reasons and will now focus on his new band Moonskin. Some songs are already written and a label search is on. The band will make its debut appearance on a future At The Gates tribute with a cover of ‘Raped By The Light Of Christ’. NAIL WITHIN are soon to announce their new vocalist and future plans, check www.nailwithin.com for upcoming news.

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