July 25, 2003

ORPHANED LAND will finally start recording their new album "Mabool" (hebrew for "The Flood") in early August. It is the band’s first offical release in seven years (the last album was "El Nora Alila" on Holy Records).

Holland’s old school Deathmachine PENTACLE has worked very hard on new material and completed about 8 new songs in the meantime. According to the band, "new guitarist Alex has a very big input concerning the new material…" He has already co-written 2 new songs and one totally by himself. The new material is said to be "very in-your-face and to the bone… aggressive and very hard-hitting material. Maybe a bit more in the direction of a song like ‘Prophet Of Perdition’. Fast and furious, while some parts are slow and slicing one’s throat!" Among the new tracks there’s one instrumental as well. PENTACLE plan on writing up to 11 songs, so that there’s some bonus-material for a possible 7" or 10".

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