June 09, 2003

Austria’s ABIGOR have split-up. The band issued the following through their website (www.infernalhorde.com): "There’re different reasons for my decision, mainly because I am pissed by the entire Black-Metal genre. I simply can’t identify myself, nor ABIGOR with today’s Black-Metal genre anymore – it simply limits my creativity in so many ways, and I guess too many people and fans won’t be able to understand the new material, because it’s by far too untypical, technical and complex. Too many are addicted to old values, and our previous releases, while I hate stagnation and I am not willed to compose a copy of any previous record just to satisfy the need of the people, and our distributions! ABIGOR was deeply rooted within Black-Metal, within it’s true values – not addicted to sale-rates, not addicted to the opinion & reviews of magazines, and fucking not addicted, nor interested in the views & opinions of x-hundred fans, that tried to tell us how we should create music that they like it. ABIGOR stud for individuality! We never set us any limits, it was the union of quite different and insane individuals that tried to realize their visions through music -self-realization – as I called it throughout the years – all on a very personal level, to sum it up, ABIGOR was the expression of extreme mental attitudes through extreme music, based on a satanic, blasphemic & misanthropic background. However, I won’t discuss about decisions anymore, just accept it – ABIGOR is dead & gone! I’d like to thank all the current, new- and ex-members, and the NAPALM crew for their 200% support. A last hail to all our die-hard fans that supported ABIGOR since 1993, and all the bands and individuals I am in frequent contact with, you know who you are – the flames’ still burning, but the circle is closed… The website will still be online and updated from time to time, just to inform you about the new / other activities of the members, but be sure, there won’t be a reunion! – Peter (ABIGOR 1993-2003)."

IN FLAMES‘ "Trigger" EP is being released in Germany as a limited edition two-CD digipak complete with a DVD single.

TAAKE are confirmed to perform at the Hole In The Sky festival, taking place July 30th in Bergen, Norway. Others on the bill include SATYRICON, ARCTURUS, CARPATHIAN FOREST and more.

Moribund Records has released the following new albums: AZRAEL‘s "Into Shadows Act I: Denial", SARGEIST‘s "Satanic Black Devotion" and LEVIATHAN‘s "The Tenth Sub-Level Of Suicide".

CARPATHIAN FOREST have confirmed that they will perform at this summer’s Wacken Open Air festival, taking place July 31 – August 2 in Wacken, Germany.

MIRRORTHRONE‘s debut album, "Of Wind And Weeping", is out now via Red Stream. This symphonic Black Metal one-man band hails from Switzerland. Mp3’s are currently available for download from .www.mirrorthrone.com. The first 1.000 copies of the album come in a limited edition slipcase.

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