June 21, 2003

Old school Death Metal veterans SALEM will play a live concert in the Barbie Club (Tel Aviv) on July 9th, to support the release of the fourth video from ‘Collective Demise’ (System Shock Records), as well as celebrating the15th year anniversary of the release of the "Destruction Til Death" demo. Support comes from Mesopotamian Black Metal barbarians Arallu, who just got active again after a one year break. Band leader / singer Butchered had the following to say about the band’s future plans: "After the Salem gig, which will be the third gig with the new line up, the band will record a promo CD, which will be sent to a couple of European labels who are interested in signing the band. Since nothing is closed yet I will not mention names. Also, in September there will be a DVD release containing live footage from various concerts the band had played in Israel over the years, a promo clip, interviews and some other shit. Expect Full Force IDF Metal Attack and some of the most fanatic Metalheads in the worldwide underground scene. Support the real underground, fuck off to all virtual "War Metal" bands, who are too shitscared to come to play to their loyal fans in Israel. Hail Rotting Christ, Ancient Rites, Vader and any other foreign act who came to Israel during the current war. Stay Metal!"

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