March 13, 2003

Due to a mix-up in communication between the UK agent and the UK venues, THE CROWN‘s Glasgow gig got cancelled. As it turns out the Glasgow show was on monday (not on tuesday as the agent was told) and the Cardiff gig on tuesday. The distance Vosselaar-Glasgow is too big a distance to travel in just one night.

The new CALLENISH CIRCLE album is entitled "My Passion // Your Pain" and the recordings took place once more in Germany-based Stage One Studio, under supervision of producer Andy Classen. The artwork has been created again by Niklas Sundin. The album contains the following new songs (in random order): ‘Soul Messiah’, ‘Dwelling In Disdain’, ‘This Truculent Path’, ‘What Could Have Been’, ‘Misled’, ‘Forsaken’, ‘Your Hate Unfolds’ and ‘Passion // Conflicts // Pain’. On top of that the band recorded the Pestilence cover ‘Out of the Body’. Musically the new material will be in the same vein as the music on the predecessor "Flesh Power Dominion" but even more intense and over the top. For an exclusive pre-listen of the songs ‘Soul Messiah’ and ‘Forsaken’ check out the MP3 section on the website of the band or click on the following links: ‘Soul Messiah’, ‘Forsaken’. Website: The official CD release-party for the new album will take place on Friday, May 02 in J.C. Fenix in Sittard. Special guest-appearances will come from the bands Stormrider, Flesh Made Sin, Chaos Control and Morning. At this very show the new album will be available for a special low price.

SPAWN OF POSSESSION is doing very well on their current tour with Disavowed, Mangled / Inhume and Vile. The first 2000 copies of their debut album "Cabinet" are completely gone already and the second pressing, again 2000 copies, are flying out like home made cookies.

The recordings for the forthcoming DEEDS OF FLESH album "Reduced To Ashes" are nearly done. Expect a Summer 2003 release. Deeds Of Flesh will promote this album in Europe by a 5 week European tour along with Severe Torture, Dying Fetus and Hate Eternal. For the dates check out our tour dates section.

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