March 19, 2003

Konqueror Records will release a CD from the Swedish Death Metal legend EXCRUCIATE soon. It will contain their "Passage Of Life" album, the material from the band’s split-LP and the "Mutilation Of The Past" demo, 18 tracks in total (all combined onto one CD), entitled "Beyond The Circle". For further info feel free to contact: Konqueror Records, P.O. Box 141, Toa Payoh Central, Singapore 913105, email:

Here’s a message from Marko Tervonen (guitar) of THE CROWN: "Attention CrownHeads! I just wanted to share with you where we are at the moment with the new album. We’re done with the pre-productions now. And that means simply that we have recorded a demo version of the whole album (Thanx Valle). As it seems now we’ll have 13 tracks on the album, 2 of them will be instrumental. As it looks now, the new album will be a bad motherfucker. Less melodies and as Magnus stated before, more power! And for the lyrics I must say that Magnus has definitely wrote his best stuff ever! The whole album has a very strong feel of original Death Metal spirit. This is fucking Death Metal culture!!! Tracklist: ‘No Tomorrow’, ‘Deliverance’, ‘Face Of Destruction’ / ‘Deep Hit Of Death’, ‘Are You Morbid?’, ‘Dream Bloody Hell’ (instrumental), ‘Cold Is The Grave’, ‘Kill ‘Em All’, ‘Morningstar Rising’, ‘Natashead Overdrive’, ‘Bow To None’, ‘Zombiefied!’, ‘Dawn Of Emptiness’ and ‘The Endless Gate’ (instrumental). We also have started working on the cover artwork together with the excellent Locust Construction (keep rollin’ boys!). And it will be looking just awesome. The new album has a name now, and it is: "Possessed 13". We are all so fucking excited to share this album with the world. The songs kill, Johan is back in the family, the artwork looks superdeadly, everything just feels so fucking right about this album. We are listening a lot to the pre-productions we did a week ago. Already some improvement ideas… We’ll polish this deadly diamond until we start the real recordings at Studio Fredman the 5th of May. Can’t fucking wait!!! But first we’ll do a European tour starting now on Friday the 21st in Holland . Come and share the insanity!!!"

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