November 08, 2003

The new ARMAGEDDA album "Only True believers…" will be released on limited 666 LP via From Beyond Productions.

BARBATOS is planning both a USA / West Coat and European tour with cult Metal outfit NME in the first months of 2004.

After years of near inavailability Displeased Records closed a deal with Norwegian BORKNAGAR for a decent reissue of the band’s self-titled debut album. It will be released on December 28th on CD (with renewed booklet layout) and vinyl.

After having tried out several new drummers, it seems CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN will proceed with ex-Sadis Euphoria drummer Mike Bartek. Things are going good, but the band is still not closing the door for anyone who may want to come give it a try. Besides this, CODC started a side project called Sleepwalker, extreme heavy music, with already several songs written.

BUTCHER ABC, the side project of Japan’s C.S.S.O. will have their first release (mini album) out in November 2003.

Displeased Records bought the rights of DEVOURMENT‘s "1.3.8." and will, together with ex-vocalist Ruben Rosas, present this CD in 2004 with improved layout.

ENTHRAL is already busy composing new tracks for their next effort. The new material is said to be along the lines of "Subterranean Movement".

Obsessed by Black and Doom, Satanism and Voodoo, US dark monks GOATLORD recorded three cult demos in the late eighties / early nineties before disappearing into obscurity. Now these recordings have resurfaced on a 2-CD set and (500) limited 3-LP via From Beyond Productions.

After lots of delays, From Beyond Productions will finally present GORETRADE‘s first full length album, which was recorded in NYC. The result is said to be along the lines of Devourment and early Fleshgrind.

INTERNAL SUFFERING‘s drummer has recently left the band due to personal issues. A replacement was soon found in Fabio, the band’s very first drummer (founder of Colombian band Carnal and nowadays also in Infernal Hate). Two weeks ago guitarist Leandro broke his arm. Still, Internal Suffering aims to be fully prepaired when they enter Mana Studios (with Erik Rutan) to record the follow up to last year’s "Chaotic Matrix".

From the ashes of now defunct outfit Murder Corporation arose KILLAMAN. With the same musical and lyrical intentions this brutal Swedish force keeps on pounding away groovy hard-hitting aggressive (Death / Thrash) Metal with hints of Crust and Punk. Their debut full length was recently recorded, mixed and mastered at the famous Berno Studios, and is set for a November 28th release. The band features members of Deranged and Reclusion.

While KRIEG‘s Imperial is finishing the vocal part for his side of the upcoming (December 28th) limited 666 split 10"EP, the Azaghal members already handed over the finished tracks for the release. Expect grim and dark raw Black Metal recordings from both acts. The artwork was supplied by GoatSemen main man Neyra.

A limited vinyl version of MACABRE‘s latest album is now available through Displeased Records.

Paul Speckmann is currently finishing his autobiography, to be published sometime next year.

Expect soon a special re-issue of NECROPHAGIA‘s 1987 cult album "Season Of The Dead" with coloured vinyl, poster and other goodies.

NUCLEAR DEATH are among the most extreme Metal acts that infested the underground with their hideous chaotic releases in the late 1980s and early 1990s. After their much praised second full length the band started recording what was to become their third full length, yet due to mysterious circumstances the recordings were never released. Up ’til recently, when US based label Extremist re-issued these fantastic raw recordings, together with rare EP tracks done in 1993. Both recording sessions will now also be released by From Beyond Productions on limited vinyl, with alternative artwork (done by Lori / vo-kills!) in January 2004.

OFFICIUM TRISTE is trying out their newly built own studio with some compilation tracks recordings, with a new full length to be recorded in early 2004. The band claims to shift towards a more early "Shape Of Despair" sound and songstructures.

THE RAVENOUS‘ latest album "Blood Delerium" will be issued as a limited LP via Displeased Records on November 10th, with all sick artwork on inlay included.

Previously released as a limited cassette via Thailand’s Witchhammer Productions, the SABBAT / ABIGAIL split release will be made available late January 2004 as a special layed out limited LP through From Beyond Productions.

SEPSISM is currently trying out a new bass player. New songs are being written as well, plus their totally unavailable debut "Purulent Decomposition" will be reissued via From Beyond Productions on November 28th.

Recorded at THRONEUM‘s "Bestial Antihuman Evil" session, four tracks will exclusively end up at the "The Last Morgue" 7" on From Beyond Productions, scheduled for a January 2004 release. Watch out for other new releases of the band to be available soon via Agonia Records and Apocalyptor Productions.

A limited vinyl version of ZYKLON‘s latest killer full length is made available on vinyl via Displeased Records.

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