October 02, 2003

Norway’s CHTON and Scotland’s MAN MUST DIE have been signed by Retribute Records (www.retributerecords.com). CHTON’s debut full length currently under the working title of "Chtonian Lifecode" will be recorded at Godt Selskap studio (home of the latest releases from Necrophagia and Wurdulak) to be released in Spring 2004 and is supposed to be "essential listening for anyone who enjoys the likes of Immolation, Deicide, Mayhem and Morbid Angel…" Further info on the band you will get here: www.chton.com. MAN MUST DIE’s debut is planned for an early 2004 release followed by an appearance at next year’s Maryland Death Fest. The band incorporates influences from Cryptopsy, Suffocation and Kataklysm among others. Check out www.manmustdie.com for more details about them.

Florida’s EQUINOX have a brandnew website running now. You can check out the impressive result at: www.equinoxmetal.com

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