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December 31, 2003

Unfortunately LUNAR AURORA had to cancel their appearance on our 10th Anniversary Festival that will take place on January 31, 2004 at the Wehrschloß in Bremen, Germany. Replacing them on the bill will be fellow Black Metallers SECRETS OF THE MOON. For all further info on the whole event check out our festival site www.voicesfromthedarkside.de/festival

December 22, 2003

ACHERON are back with their new album, "Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood", through Black Lotus Records. The album is available in a slipcase edition, limited to 1,000 copies. Being called the "darkest and most ferocious album of their career", the disc was recorded at Mars Recording Compound (MUSHROOMHEAD, EARTH CRISIS) and features members of INCANTATION, WOLFEN SOCIETY and BURNING INSIDE.

KEEP OF KALESSIN are releasing the "Reclaim" EP through Norway’s Voices Music on January 15th. Alongside Obsidian C. (guitar, bass, synth) the EP features SATYRICON drummer Frost and former MAYHEM / ABORYM vocalist Attila Chisar as guests. The release contains the following tracklisting (running time 27:05): ‘Traveller’, ‘IX’, ‘Come Damnation’, ‘Obliterator’ and ‘Reclaim’.

Nocturnal Arts acts VOID and AETERNUS are both working on new material, and will record new albums in 2004.

December 18, 2003

Earache have just signed Norway’s BLOOD RED THRONE to a worldwide multi-album deal.

December 17, 2003

The tickets for our 10th anniversary festival on January 31, 2004 have finally arrived. Contact nhashi@web.de for all further ordering info.

DRAWN AND QUARTERED are currently finishing songs for a split 7" with CARRIONED from Spain, to be released on Carcoma Corporea Records sometime in the near future. It will be available in splatter gore red. DRAWN AND QUARTERED’s side will feature Gabriel Byrne artwork and two new songs, inluding the tittle track ‘Slaughter The Disciples’. The band has furthermore already scheduled studio time in January to record tracks for their next album.

December 15, 2003

ANATA will officially release their Wicked World debut, "Under A Stone With No Inscription", in the US on February 24th, 2003. As previously reported, the album features the following tracklisting: ‘Shackled To Guilt’, ‘A Problem Yet To Be Solved’, ‘Entropy Within’, ‘Dance To The Song Of Apathy’, ‘Sewerages Of The Mind’, ‘Built On Sand’, ‘Under The Debris’, ‘The Drowning’, ‘Leaving The Spirit Behind’ and ‘Any Kind Of Magic Or Miracle’.

Germany’s melodic Death Metallers IMMORTAL RITES have signed a deal with Morbid Records for Europe. The album, "Art Of Devolution", which was just released in North America, will be released in Europe in March 2004.

Australia’s KUTABARE have their debut full-length CD "Finger Food Fetish For The Morbidly Abnormal" coming out in the next 2 weeks, with crazy artwork from the band’s drummer Pete Limbspasm. The band is already working on new songs which are said to be even heavier and more gore-filled than ever before. More info at: www.bloodharmonic.com

WTN from Singapore will finally have their debut album "Rotting In Pestilence" out in the early part of 2004. The artwork has been drawn by Nor Prego from Spain, who has done work for Machetazo and Fermento the past few years. WTN also has split EP’s in the works with bands, such as Frightmare, Splatterhouse, and also the split with Haemorrhage is still planned to come out. No release dates on any of these at this time.

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH has had a great year, playing many shows in Europe, and has an upcoming show with Haemorrhage as well. They will begin work on their 2nd full-length CD for Razorback in January 2004, for hopefully a February release. The band also has their split mini-LP / mini-CD with Engorged coming out on Last House On The Right Records any day now, and their new split mini-CD with Splatterhouse is out now on No Escape Records.

SPLATTERHOUSE‘s debut recording, a split CD with labelmates Gruesome Stuff Relish is out now. The band will begin working on their debut full-length CD for Razorback Records in the early part of 2004 and will also be doing a split 7" ep with Birdflesh, due to be released on The Spew Records from Italy. There should also be a Splatterhouse website coming soon as well.

ENGORGED have returned home to Razorback Records and their brand new album, tentatively titled "Where Monsters Dwell…" will feature 8 brand new songs of thrashing horror death / grind. Some new songs include ‘Slaughterhouse’, ‘Architeuthis’, ‘Werewolf Militia’ and ‘Return Of The Living Dead’. The band will start recording in the early part of 2004, and the album is planned to be released in the Summer. T-shirts will be made to celebrate this release, so look for more info on that next year. The album will feature all new artwork from Dennis Dread. Engorged also has planned split releases coming with Fondlecorpse and Ghoul! Their website should be updated soon as well. www.engorged.net

MACHETAZO are currently preparing ideas and material for the 3rd full-length CD on Razorback Records, which is going to be a concept album about the amazing Blind Dead films of the 70’s. Where "Trono De Huesos" was about anger, this new one will be about fear. Artwork will be drawn by Nor Prego, and the album should be released in the Summer of 2004. Machetazo has just recently recorded 3 new songs for a split 7" ep with General Surgery that will be coming out on Escorbuto Records from Sweden. Look for this release in January 2004. The band also has plans to record material for a split LP with Mausoleum in 2004. www.machetazo.net

LORD GORE is getting ready to start recording the material for many new releases planned for 2004. Their 2nd CD for Razorback Records is planned to be titled "Dead In The Flesh". Look for the album cover and layout to be one of the most insane ever done. The band also has split releases coming with Blood Duster, and also a split mini-CD with Biolich on No Escape Records. www.lordgore.net

FONDLECORPSE are currently hard at work on their debut full-length album which will be titled "Creaturegore" and will be a tribute to all things small, gross, mean, and ugly. The band is also working on getting a new full-length 7" ep out, titled "Limbless" which will be self-released and features artwork from Jake of Tales From Uranus comics. They are also working on a split with Engorged that will be a tribute to all the wonderful trash culture of the 80s. The band still has T-shirts and copies of their split 7" with Inkblack available, check out their web site: www.fondlecorpse.nl

After finally having their debut album released after over 10 years, BLOOD FREAK have finally returned to celebrate the joys of horror films on DVD, drive-in movie theatres, and true grindgore death metal. The band is currently working on their new album, titled "Live Fast, Die Young… And Leave A Flesh-Eating Corpse!", which will once again feature art from the splatter master Chas Balun. The album will have 30 brand new songs and even better production and sound. Some new titles include: ‘Butchermobile’, ‘The Slaughter Special’, ‘Goretits’ and ‘Splatter Of The Highest Order’.

GORE BEYOND NECROPSY and Razorback Records join forces in 2004 to unleash a brand new CD. The new release, titled "Rock ‘n Noise, Grind ‘n Roll", will be released sometime in late 2004 and include completely insane artwork from Woo-Young (vocalist of Realized). In the meantime, contact the band to obtain a copy of their brand new 3-way split LP with Arsedestroyer and Nikudorei. Also, the band has a brand new 7" ep on HG Fact Records from Japan that was just released. www.gorebeyondnecropsy.com

GHOUL will return in 2004 with a very special split CD with Engorged. The band will record 4 brand new songs for this release. The split CD might be titled "Chamber Of Chills". Also, the band still hopes to record material for a split 7" ep with Machetazo on Last House On The Right Records.

Razorback Records will celebrate 5 years of gore with a special compilation CD, that will include tracks from past Razorback releases, as well as bonus material and other exclusive surprises. Liner notes will be written by long time nemesis, Digestor of Ghoul, and will also feature awesome artwork from Jake of Tales From Uranus. This will be a low-priced CD and will also be given away free with orders.

December 12, 2003

To celebrate NIFELHEIM‘s 13th year of existence Sweden’s I Hate Records will release a limited edition (1.000 copies) vinyl LP of the band at the end of December. It’ll be called "13 Years" and features unreleased versions of songs, cover tunes and live-stuff.

December 09, 2003

Denmark’s EXMORTEM have made an agreement with Unique Leader Records for the release of their "US Berzerker Campaign" CD, which will be out in the US / Canada on February 10, 2004. This CD will include the full "Berzerker Legions" album, plus 6 bonus tracks. The release will be followed up by a US tour early next year. In related news, the band’s "Kilstorms" 7" will be out through Ancient Darkness during the first week of the new year. The first 50 copies will come in camouflage vinyl with a poster included, while the "Pest Campaign" vinyl 10" (which will be released through Osmose) will include 3 live tracks (recorded in Valencia, Spain) and a re-recorded track that was recorded during the "Pestilence Empire" session. For further info check out: www.exmortem.com

December 05, 2003

After three years of existence and two albums released, Mexico’s RAVAGER will split up. The main causes of this decision are personal differences between the members and serious musical problems. Antimo and Oscar will form another band in the tradition of RAVAGER.

December 03, 2003

INCANTATION and Tumba Records would like to apologize to the Chilean Metal fans because Incantation are unable to play on their "Rotting With Your Christ" South American tour due to the Chilean promoter (Art Productions) has been missing for some time now and has not been in touch with the band or Tumba Records (Incantation’s South American booking agent). Incantation and Tumba Records gave Art Production every chance possible to make the shows happen all the way up to the day before the shows. All Incantation and Tumba Records got were false promises.