February 05, 2004

The MORBIDE FESTSPIELE 6,66 VHS-video is currently in the production stage with a scheduled release for late February. You can expect live footage from Bonestorm, Harmony Dies, Eminenz, Blood, Manos, Ingrowing, Hellblazer, Birdflesh, Desecration, Prostitute Disfigurement, Neuraxis and Exhumed.

IMMORTAL RITES‘ debut album "Art Of Devolution" was produced by Alex Krull (ATROCITY) at Mastersound Studios. Guest musicians include Alex Krull and Martin Schmidt from ATROCITY as well as Liv Kristine (ex -THEATRE OF TRAGEDY / LEAVES EYE). The album will be released on March 15th 2004. The band plans to appear on various summer festivals like Summer Breeze or Party-San.

Baltimore, Maryland’s DARK DISCLIPLE have signed with Morbid Records and their first album "Unholy Hate Gore" will see the light of day on March 15, 2004.

HAEMORRHAGE have been confirmed for the Party-San-Festival.

Extreme US grinders WACO JESUS will tour Europe with ISACAARUM between March 11th and April 4th. Please refer to the Metal media or the Morbid website for tour dates.

HYPNOS have decided to produce their third album under the supervision of Harris Johns again. Release can be expected in late 2004. The band will go on tour with Altar afterwards.

LIVIDITY have found a new guy to handle the low end frequencies in Chris Champbell and plan to record the follow-up to "Til Only The Sick Remain". The release is scheduled for late 2004. LIVIDITY are supposed to play this year’s Fuck The Commerce Festival.

PROFANATION are not 100% satisfied with the recordings of their second mu-sick-al output "Its Lunch Time Again", so they will undertake major reconstruction.

COCK AND BALL TORTURE have completed the recordings to their third, still untitled album.

Chicago’s DISINTER are currently adding the finishing touches to their new album "As We Burn".

PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT & PROFANATION will hit the stage at the Obscene Festival.

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