February 19, 2004

Steve Cannon, editor-in-chief of the world’s oldest and longest running Internet-based music magazine Vibrations of Doom, has joined the reunited Atlanta thrash band HALLOWS EVE. "It all started with an interest in getting an interview with HALLOWS EVE", explained Steve. "Tommy Stewart and I discussed what it would take to get this band back together. This has been a long-standing dream of mine, and to finally announce the return of Atlanta’s first Thrash band in history is awesome," he continued. "Tommy Stewart returns on bass, and of course I am handling vocal duties. In addition, we welcome "Tales Of Terror" album guitarist Skellator (now known as Skully) back into the fold. This is an exciting addition, as Skully has always been mentioned, but until today has never toured with HALLOWS EVE. We have also been in contact with original guitarist David Stuart and may be adding him on board as well. A drummer that Tommy works with will complete the lineup. We’ve already had an offer to play a major music festival in March this year, but as we are unprepared, we had to turn it down. We will be playing shows in the Atlanta area and then will try to take to the road. As a footnote, I actually had a chance to audition with HALLOWS EVE before I moved to the Atlanta area, but was unable to procure a demo tape for the band. Now, over eight years later, the dream finally materializes and HALLOWS EVE will take the Metal world by the throat!"

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