January 08, 2004

UNHOLY GHOST, who have just emerged from Diet Of Worms Studios (Tampa, FL) with producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzales, are excited to announce that their debut CD "Torrential Reign" is finally complete. The band is 100% stoked and fans should expect this to be a stellar release! Artwork for the CD is currently being completed and will be available soon. "Torrential Reign" is scheduled for an early 2004 release on Olympic Records / Century Media. Here’s the complete track listing: ‘The Calling Of Sin’, ‘Soul Disment’, ‘Eyes Of Lost’, ‘Decimated’, ‘Cross Contamination’, ‘Denouncication’, ‘Entrenched In Warfare’, ‘Torn Apart’, ‘Under Existence’, ‘Torrential Reign’ and ‘The Apparition’. All further info you may find at: www.unholyghost.com

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