March 22, 2004

TORTURE KILLER started writing material for their second album, tentatively titled "Multiple Counts Of Murder". Some songtitles to appear on the album are ‘Obsessed In Homicide’, ‘Another Random Killing’, ‘A Violent Scene Of Death’ and ‘Cannibal Gluttony’. Torture Killer is also confirmed to support Vader on the Finnish dates of their upcoming Scandinavian Tour. Last but not least the band has completed its line-up with bassplayer Torniainen.

SEVERE TORTURE will hit the European road again in May with Skinless. Tourdates to be announced soon. Furthermore the band is writing new material for their upcoming 3rd album, to be recorded later this year.

PROJECT: FAILING FLESH currently have 8 new songs written for what will become their 2nd full-length album. The album will be recorded throughout the upcoming year and will probably see the light of day at some reasonable point after the debut-album "A Beautiful Sickness" is released through Karmageddon Media on the 31st of May. Once again the band will be self-producing and tracking at Assembly Line Studios in Virginia, USA.

OCCULT is already working on their next album, scheduled to be recorded in October at Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen.

NECROPHOBIC will soon start writing material for their upcoming, yet untitled, 5th full-length album. Recordings are scheduled for later this year. More detailed information about the album to be revealed soon.

ARTHEMESIA is proud to announce that the Dr. K.H. ("the best Finnish Metal drummer") will sit down behind the drumkit for the band’s upcoming album titled "ShamaNatahS – II Describe I Mind". Recordings for the drums will start late May and after that the band will hit Christslayer Studios to record all other instruments. Worldwide release for the album is scheduled for autumn. For a sneak preview you can download 2 promo-songs (‘Death Executed By Complex Actions’ and ‘Mors Principium Est’) from the band’s official website

According to their official website (, JUNGLE ROT will be releasing their new album, "Fueled By Hate", on June 15th through Olympic / Century Media. In other news, the band are looking for someone who would like to help design a new website for them. If interested, contact the band via Jerry at

The new CANNIBAL CORPSE album, "The Wretched Spawn", has entered the German album charts at # 74. This is a good showing considering that many copies of the album were imported to Germany from abroad due to the more brutal artwork of that version. In tour news, as previously reported, Cannibal Corpse will headline the No Mercy Festivals European tour which features HYPOCRISY, KATAKLYSM, CARPATHIAN FOREST, VOMITORY, EXHUMED, SPAWN OF POSSESSION and PREJUDICE.

Crash Music have signed a four album deal with Black Metal act I.C.E. (IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT). The band will hit the studio later this month. Look for a summer release.

Swedish Black Metal act BLODSRIT are currently completing their upcoming album, "Helveteshymner", which will be recorded in Soundlab Studios, Sweden at the end of May. A new video for the track ‘Praise Suicide’ will be filmed in April. BLODSRIT’s last album was 2003’s "Ocularis Infernum".

Nocturnal Art Productions will reissue THOU SHALT SUFFER‘s "Into The Woods Of Belial" album on April 12th in Europe and on May 4th in the US (through Candlelight). The reissue features new artwork. The original album, recorded in 1991, features Samoth, Ihsahn and Ildjarn. The album was never before available in the US.

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