June 13, 2005

Roadrunner Records report that OBITUARY will be shooting a video for their track ‘Insane’ on June 19th. The video should be completed for the first week of July. ‘Insane’ is lifted from Obituary’s new album, "Frozen In Time", due out through Roadrunner on July 19th. ‘Insane’ can be heard via Roadrunner’s website at this location.

GOREFEST‘s website (www.gorefest.nl) has been updated with the following message from the band: "Next month, July and part of August 2005, we will camp down at the Excess studio in Rotterdam to record our sixth studio album. We will do this with engineer Hans Pieters. We have about 15 songs to record of which we will make a choice of 10 or so to put on the album. Mixing will be done by Danish knob toggler Tue Madsen, known from work with THE HAUNTED, ABORTED, DISBELIEF, BORN FROM PAIN and many others, at his home studio The Antfarm in Denmark come August. At the moment we are finishing up on the songs and breaking our heads over how to play them. As of yet we have no title to give you but one will come to us soon. During our stay in Rotterdam, a studio report will be posted on this site on a regular base. We will let you in on the progress being made and give you an insight in typical recording processes like: girlfriend interference, ego struggle, black eyes, break up, re-reunion, the breaking of strings, drum heads, vocal cords, studio interior, and so on, and so on."

DESTRUCTION have posted the following update at their official website: "We’re happy to present you the new cover artwork today! Take a first look at it in our gallery. The headbanging anthem ‘The Alliance Of Hellhoundz’ will be one of the highlights of the album. This song will feature 10 different Metal singers from all Heavy Metal styles singing together for tolerance and unity of the scene. Here are the Hellhoundz involved: Biff (SAXON), Doro, Shagrath (DIMMU BORGIR), Speed (SOILWORK), Paul DiAnno (ex – IRON MAIDEN / KILLERS), Messiah (CANDLEMASS), Mark Osegueda (DEATH ANGEL), Peavy (RAGE), Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY / PAIN) and of course DESTRUCTION frontman Schmier! Expect a total classic! More news and soundfiles soon. Stay tuned…"

Death Metal legend PAUL SPECKMANN will release his musical biography, "Masterpieces", through Twilight Distribution on August 15th. Material included on the release will be pulled from the first two MASTER albums (1990s "Master" and 1991’s "On The 7th Day God Created… Master"), the first two ABOMINATION records (1989’s "Abomination", 1991’s "Tragedy Strikes"), as well as tracks from DEATHSTRIKE, SOLUTIONS, SPECKMANN PROJECT and two tracks from the new MASTER demo.

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