June 25, 2019

Calgary based Death Metallers PATHETIC have just released a new track entitled ‘Empty Threat’ at this location. The song appears on the band’s upcoming debut full length "Rat King" which will be out on July 12, 2019. The band commented on the track as follows: "As the closing track of the "Rat King" album, ‘Empty Threat’ encompasses all that PATHETIC’s journey has expressed since day one, with epic guitar riffing, driving drums, and focused lyrics that mock the everlasting fear of nuclear apocalypse the United States has held since the beginning of the cold war. This is the closing track that forewarns the impending destruction that the United States has and continues to impose on other nations in protecting its own irrational fear of destruction.” More band info you will find at www.facebook.com/patheticband666

"Beyond The Veil Of Light", the debut EP from US Black Metal trio PESTIS INFEROS, is out now and streaming in its entirety over here. For all additional PESTIS INFEROS information check out www.facebook.com/pestisinferos

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