August 10, 2021

Danish Death Metallers SEPTAGE (featuring members of TAPHOS and HYPERDONTIA) are streaming their second EP “Septisk Eradikasyon” in its entirety over here now. It will be released on August 13, 2021 via Me Saco Un Ojo Records (vinyl 7″) and Dark Descent Records (CD). More SEPTAGE information you will find at

Greek brutal Death Metallers EXTREME VIOLENCE have been signed by Repulsive Echo Records. The first release will be a compilation of all their demos, which will be out in September. Robbert Kok (DISAVOWED) will master the final CD and Rudi Yanto has created the artwork. The booklet will feature photos and other memorabilia. The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Plague On The Stillborns’ (from “Plague On The Stillborns” demo 2015), ‘Ecstasy In Pain’ (from “Ecstasy In Pain” demo 2003), ‘Blood Motive’, ‘Sickening Butchery In The Bloody Abattoir’, ‘A Pedophiles Confession’ and ‘Meat Hook Sodomy’ (CANNIBAL CORPSE cover) (from “Sickening Butchery” demo 2002), ‘Tortured Scum’, ‘Corporal Corruption’, ‘Alive And Dead’ and ‘Dying’ (from “Addicted To Cannibalism” demo 2000). Repulsive Echo Records will probably also re-release the band’s 2005 debut full length “Ecstasy In Pain” and a brand new album as well. You can stream “Ecstasy In Pain” in its entirety at this location. For more info about EXTREME VIOLENCE please visit

On October 25, 2021, Memento Mori, in co-operation with Rotted Life, will release “Majestic Dissolve”, the debut album from San Diego, California based Death Metallers CONJURETH. Memento Mori will release the CD version while Rotted Life will handle the vinyl and cassette versions. It was mixed and mastered by Javier Felez at Moontower Studios and the cover art was created by Erskine Designs. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Wet Flesh Vortex’, ‘Possession Psychosis’, ‘Resintegrate’, ‘A Terror Sacrifice’, ‘Mutilated Spirits’, ‘Black Fire Confessions’, ‘The Silent Hangings’, ‘Sorcery Arts’, ‘An Occult Mosaic’ and ‘The Unworshipped’. You can already check out the album opener over here. All additional CONJURETH information you will find at

Brazilian Death / Thrashers THE TROOPS OF DOOM are about to release a new EP entitled “The Absence Of Light”. It features the following tracks ‘Introduction – The Absence Of Light’, ‘Act I – The Devil’s Tail’ and ‘Act II – The Monarch’ (feat. Jeff Becerra of POSSESSED), as well as three additional bonus tracks: ‘Antichrist’ (SEPULTURA cover), ‘The Devil’s Tail’ (demo version) and ‘The Monarch’ (demo version). “The Absence Of Light” will be available on cassette with slipcase silver foil (Repulsive Echo Records), CD (Hellven Records, Metalized Records and Voice Music) and vinyl (Hellven Records). More about THE TROOPS OF DOOM at

American symphonic Black / Death Metallers JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS have just premiered the track ‘Impossible Universe’ at this location. It is taken from the band’s upcoming third album “Infinite Universe Infinite Death”, which will be released on September 10, 2021 via Spirit Coffin Publishing. The previously revealed album track ‘Leave This Place’ can still be streamed over here. JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS is the solo project of Brett Clarin, ex – guitarist of New York’s Death Metallers SORROW that released the “Forgotten Sunrise” EP and “Hatred And Disgust” album via Roadrunner Records in 1991 and 1992 respectively. More JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS at

“Secrypts Of The Egochasm”, the forthcoming debut full length from Los Angeles, California based melodic Death Metal trio VAELMYST, is currently streaming in its entirety over here. The band will self-release the album on August 13, 2021. More about VAELMYST at

Cleveland’s Metalpunks HAMMR have just revealed the track ‘Forces Of Sin’ at this location. It will appear on the band’s second album “Eternal Possession”, which will be released via Hells Headbangers on CD and cassette tape formats. The vinyl LP version will follow sometime next year. For all further HAMMR info please visit

Indianapolis, Indiana based technical Death Metallers FLESHBORE are streaming their upcoming debut album “Embers Gathering” in its entirety over here now. It was recorded with Jackson Ward at Strata Recording and will be released on August 13, 2021 via Innerstrength Records. The artwork was created by Luciferium War Graphics. More band info is available at

Relapse Records have just signed Bay Area based old school Death Metallers RIPPED TO SHREDS to their roster. The band, that will release their third full-length album in 2022, is currently streaming a brand new song, ‘燒冥紙 (Sacrificial Fire)’, at this location. Regarding the signing, RIPPED TO SHREDS issued the following comments: “We’re all very excited to be a part of Relapse’s roster, since Relapse has meant so much to our early journeys through extreme music. We’re also excited to be one of the first all Asian-American bands signed to Relapse, since the Asian-American experience informs the entire concept of RIPPED TO SHREDS. The Bay Area is rich with Asian talent in the Hardcore scene, with massive bands like SUNAMI and GULCH drawing droves of other Asian Americans to shows; we hope to do the same for Death Metal in the Bay. Our new record will showcase the same chainsaw Death Metal / Grind as we’ve always done, with a bit of a Finndeath twist this time around, as well as the fastest blasting we’ve ever managed to extract out of our drummer. We’ll work him until his hands fall off.” For more information and regular updates you can follow RIPPED TO SHREDS at

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