January 14, 2022

On March 25, 2022 Messor Grandis Productions will release the debut full length from Malmö, Sweden based GRAND HARVEST, “Consummatum Est”. The band’s style has been described as “dark and misanthropic Death / Doom Metal with hints of Black Metal and with epic / atmospheric elements” and was once called “Sweden’s most underrated Metal band” by the editor of Sweden Rock magazine. The album, that was mixed by Tore Stjerna at NBS / Necromorbus, features the following tracks: ‘Sol Maledictor’, ‘The Harrow’, ‘No Paler A Horse’, ‘As The Vultures Descend’, ‘Crowns To Ashes – Thrones To Dust’, ‘My Desolate Sea’, ‘Fatehammer’, ‘In Memoriam – Magnus Invictus’ and ‘Consummatum Est’. You can check out ‘Fatehammer’ at this location already. The cover artwork was created by Misanthropic-Art. For all additional GRAND HARVEST information please visit www.facebook.com/grandharvest.band

German Black Metal duo MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI will release their third album “Inmortuos Sum” via Iron Bonehead Productions on March 25, 2022 on CD and vinyl LP formats. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Insepultus’, ‘Madness Rides With The Star-Winds’, ‘Omne Vitae In Tenebras Mergit’, ‘Abhominog’, ‘Ossuarium Of The Black Earth’, ‘Der Todten Tantz’, ‘Burning Time And Space’ and ‘Inmortuos Sum’. You can already check out ‘Ossuarium Of The Black Earth’ over here. MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI consist of ex – LUNAR AURORA members Profanatitas (drums, bass, vocals) and Nathaniel (guitar, vocals). More MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI at https://mortuusinfradaemoni.bandcamp.com

Soulseller Records have signed Norwegian Black Metallers DJEVELKULT. Their third album will be entitled “Drep Alle Guder” and will be released in May 2022. The band commented on it as follows: “We are proud to have signed with Soulseller Records to unleash our godslaying third album in 2022. This partnership is one that will bring new blood and strength to the cult’s might, and we promise you our strongest album thus far.” For regular updates make sure to follow DJEVELKULT at www.facebook.com/djevelkult

“Worship Death More Than Life”, the debut mini album from Brazilian Black Metallers ILLUMINATION, will be released on March 04, 2022 via Personal Records on CD format. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Ngh W Srr’, ‘Lux Ferre Gnosis’, ‘Occult Science’, ‘UY Scuti’, ‘Thy Darkness’, ‘Venus Shukra’ and ‘Dead Photons’. Devilish (DARKSTORM, ex – CULT OF FIRE) and Renato Gimenez (VAZIO) contributed guest vocals to the album and the cover artwork was painted by Francisco Shcönmann. You can already check out a video for ‘Lux Ferre Gnosis’ over here. ILLUMINATION features current and former members of NERVOCHAOS, GRAVE DESECRATOR, COLDBLOOD, POEM’S DEATH and AGHORY among others. For all additional information please visit www.facebook.com/illuminationofficial

San Francisco, California based brutal Death / Industrial Metallers MÆNTRA have released a drum / guitar playthrough video for ‘Svadhisthana’ over here. The song is the first single from their upcoming debut album “Kundalini Rising”, which will be released on February18, 2022. A lyric video for the song is also available at this location. The full “Kundalini Rising” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Muladhara’, ‘Svadhisthana’, ‘Manipura’, ‘Anahata’, ‘Vishuddha’, ‘Ajna’ and ‘Sahasrara’. More about MÆNTRA at www.facebook.com/maentr3

On February 04, 2022 Signal Rex will release a split album from blackened Doom Metallers NATHR and ORDO CULTUM SERPENTIS, “Shadows Crawl”, on CD and cassette tape formats. The vinyl version will follow later this year. It features two epic-length tracks with a total playing time of 37 minutes. You can listen to an excerpt of NATHR’s ‘The Burial’ here and an excerpt of ORDO CULTUM SERPENTIS’ ‘Filii Serpentis Nigri’ here. For more information check out www.signalrex.com or www.facebook.com/signalrec

Germany’s blackened Death Metal duo THE SPIRIT will release their third full-length “Of Clarity And Galactic Structures” on April 01, 2022 via AOP Records. The album was once again recorded and mixed at the Woodshed Studio, Germany by V. Santura (with the drums being tracked at Iguana Studios by Christoph Brandes) and the cover artwork was created by Eliran Kantor. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Of Clarity And Galactic Structures’, ‘The Climax Of Dejection’, ‘Repression’, ‘Celestial Fire’, ‘Transition’, ‘Timbre Of Infinity’, ‘Arcane Wanderer’ and ‘Laniakea’. All further THE SPIRIT info you will find at www.facebook.com/thespiritband

DECRAPTED is a new Spanish Death Metal band formed in spring 2021 by Vicente Payá (UNBOUNDED TERROR, GOLGOTHA, BIS·NTE) on guitar / bass and Dave Rotten (AVULSED, HOLYCIDE, CHRIST DENIED) on vocals. Their debut album “Bloody Rivers Of Death” will be released on April 05, 2022 via Xtreem Music on CD, 12″ LP and cassette formats. It was recorded during the summer 2021 with the help of Camilo Pirata on guest guitar solos and Miquel Angel Riutort “Mega” on drums, who also took care of the recordings, mixing and mastering at his own Psychosomatic Recording studios. The lyrics on the album were written by Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, PUTREVORE, MASSACRE) and the cover artwork was created by Ukrainian artist Daemorph Art, who already worked for AVULSED and PUTREVORE. A first advance song can already be checked out at this location. The complete tracklist for “Bloody Rivers Of Death” reads as follows: ‘Bleeding Devourment’, ‘Forcefed Human Flesh’, ‘Cook On The Stake’, ‘Headless Haunting’, ‘As The Horror Comes’, ‘Bloody Cave’, ‘The Ravenous’ and ‘Meat Truck’. You can visit DECRAPTED’s official site here: www.decrapted.com

Mexican Death Metallers RAVENOUS DEATH have just premiered the track ‘The Ascending Chasm’ over here. The previously revealed ‘Portals To Non-Existence’ can still be streamed at this location and ‘Gore Vault Dismemberment’ over here. All three tracks will appear on the band’s second album “Visions From The Netherworld”, which will be released on January 24, 2022 via Memento Mori. It was mastered by Loïc Fontaine at Krucyator Studio in France. Its full tracklist reads as follows: ‘Intro – Trail Of Horrors’, ‘Caverns Of Freezing Torture’, ‘Plethora Of Blood’, ‘Kingdom Of Æternal Flames’, ‘Gore Vault Dismemberment’, ‘Hydra Dungeon’, ‘Path Of The Spawn Dogs’, ‘Burnt Children Of Moloch’, ‘Serpents Of Wretchedness’, ‘Portals To Non-Existence’ and ‘The Ascending Chasm’. More about RAVENOUS DEATH at www.facebook.com/ravenousdeathofficial

Lafayette, Louisiana based brutal Death Metal quartet GOLGOTHAN will release their debut full-length “Leech” on February 04, 2022 via Lacerated Enemy Records. A video for ‘Bottomless Pit’ is already available at this location. An official visualizer video for the album’s first single ‘Parent Organism’ can be watched over here. The artwork was created by Jai Benoit and the tracklist reads like this: ‘The Rack’, ‘Leech’, ‘Teeth To Eat You’, ‘Parent Organism’, ‘Gravy Train’, ‘Bottomless Pit’, ‘Lard Is My Shepherd’, ‘Winged Death’, ‘Christian Mingle Killer’ and ‘The Overlord’. All further GOLGOTHAN info you will find at www.facebook.com/golgothanla

Netherlands based Death Metallers ROTTEN CASKET, featuring Martin van Drunen (vocals) and Stefan Hüskens (drums) from ASPHYX, Yorck Segatz (guitars) from SODOM, Patrick van der Beek (bass) and original member Frank Bergesson (guitars), have just released their first EP “First Nail In The Casket” on mini LP and cassette tape via Lycanthropic Chants. The limited 12″ will be available on black (100 copies), golden (99 copies) and silver (100 copies) vinyl, all versions have black poly-lined bags, a 300gsm cover and 170gsm insert plus a download code. The tape version is limited to 100 hand numbered clear shell tapes, that come with a 170gsm cover and a free digital download. You can listen to one of the tracks at this location. For more ROTTEN CASKET information check out www.facebook.com/rottencasketdeathmetal

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