November 05, 2021

“The Ruins Of Human Failure”, the second mini album from UK based Black Metallers ÚLFARR, will be released via Purity Through Fire on CD, A5 digipak, vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. The CD and tape versions will be released on December 12, 2021, while the vinyl edition will follow in summer 2022. The material was recorded entirely by Dominus, with drums programmed by Azrael, who also handled mixing and mastering. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘The Ruins Of Human Failure Pt. 1’, ‘The Ruins Of Human Failure Pt. 2’, ‘The Ruins Of Human Failure Pt. 3’, ‘The Ruins Of Human Failure Pt. 4’, ‘Forgotten By Time’ and ‘Cold In Death’. The opener can already streamed over here. More about ÚLFARR you will find at

“Agonia”, the new album from Krakow, Poland based Death Metallers REDEMPTOR, will be released via Selfmadegod Records on December 03, 2021 on CD, LP and digitally. The band features current and former members of DECAPITATED, VADER, HATE, SCEPTIC, SOTHOTH, BANISHER, DEIVOS and more. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Zed Studios by Tomasz Zalewski (DECAPITATED, KAT, DEIVOS) and the drums at dMb Studio. The artwork was created by the band’s vocalist Michal Xaay Loranc (BEHEMOTH, NECROPHAGIST, NILE, ABYSMAL TORTMENT). A video for the song ‘Potion Of The Skies’ can already be watched at this location. The complete tracklist of the album reads as follows: ‘Tectonic Plates’, ‘Potion Of The Skies’, ‘TAR’, ‘Further From Ordeal’, ‘Excursus Ignis’, ‘Aurora’, ‘Debris’, ‘Wounds Unhealed’ and ‘Les Ruines De Pompei’. For more band info check out

On January 14, 2022, Personal Records will re-release the complete discography of defunct Tucson, Arizona based Death Metallers CADAVEROUS QUARTET on a 2 CD set entitled “The Complete Agenda”. It will feature their 1994 debut album “The Extinction Agenda” and their two earlier demos, 1991’s “Corpses Breathing Singing And Dancing” and 1993’s “Know Your Coroner”. All recordings have been remastered from original tapes in the case of the demos and the reissue also includes liner notes by the band especially done for this release, as well as old photos. The cover art has been redone since the band used a Pulitzer Prize winning photo and don’t want to use it now, notwithstanding that the cover art for “The Complete Agenda” encompasses their complete works and not just the one and only album. The first CD of “The Complete Agenda” can already be streamed in its entirety over here. For all further info and preorder details please visit or

After three years of silence Arkansas based Black / Death Metal solo project TORII returns with a new, self-titled album. It will be released on December 17, 2021. You can pre-order “Torii” and watch a video for the album track ‘Synthetic Dust’ at Artwork, lyrics, vocals, instruments and programming on the album were all done by Bill Masino. You can follow TORII at

Swedish Death Metallers CENTINEX will release a new MLP entitled “The Pestilence” via Agonia Records on April 01, 2022 on MCD, cassette tape, black, green, German Pilsner and picture MLP. Bassist and founder Martin Schulman, key songwriter for CENTINEX, had this to say about “The Pestilence”: “Our new MLP – yes we prefer to label it as an MLP, as everyone did in the 80s, instead of calling it an EP – represents the bands current direction and can be seen as a beginning of something new. Drawing influences and inspiration from the old Thrash scene, especially the German one, this release does also bring us closer to our past and the early days of CENTINEX. The whole recording process was also like a blast from the past, with the whole band together in the studio catching the vibe, both when the rec-button was on and off. Production wise, we aimed to get an old school sound, organic and breathing, a production which is pretty much in strict contrast to what is standard in today’s scene. We even wanted the album layout to remind us of the glory days, of a time when the tracks were the main thing and what defined if something is good or bad instead of production, musical accuracy, or glossy packaging. As stated, this MLP represent something new for us and a direction we most likely will explore even more in the future. We will dwell in the past and crawl even deeper into the history (of extreme Metal) as in our opinion the past was brighter than the future.” “The Pestilence” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonas Arnberg between June and July 2021 at Sellnoise Studios in Sweden. The photo which graces the cover artwork was taken by Susan Wicher. The artwork was created by Dwi Nugraha. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Armageddon’, ‘Evil Is Evil’, ‘Tremble In Fear’, ‘Torture’ and ‘Afraid Of The Light’ (CD bonus). For all additional CENTINEX information please visit

French Death Metallers AUTOKRATOR have just released their fourth full length album “Persecution” today via Krucyator Productions on CD, vinyl and digital formats. Kevin Paradis (BENIGHTED, MITHRIDATIC), who already played drums on the previous record, again joined forces with AUTOKRATOR for these recordings. A full album stream alongside a track-by-track breakdown from the band’s guitarist / bass player Loïc Fontaine is available at this location. For more AUTOKRATOR information please visit

On December 21, 2021 Signal Rex will release “Cold Winds Cleave The Earth”, the debut full length from Finland’s Black Metallers HOLLOW WOODS, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The artwork and inspiration for the album’s theme stems from Finnish linguist and ethnographer Kai Donner (1888-1935), taken during his expeditions to Siberia. “Cold Winds Cleave The Earth” will feature the following tracks: ‘Cold Winds Cleave The Earth’, ‘A Frozen Glance’, ‘Evergreen Vigil’, ‘Transcendent Echoes’, ‘Glacial Hell’ and ‘To The Shrouded Shores’. You can already stream ‘Evergreen Vigil’ over here. For more HOLLOW WOODS check out

Norwegian Metal act SARKE has released their new album “Allsighr” via Soulseller Records today. It is available on CD, digitally and on gatefold vinyl formats and can be streamed / purchased at this location. The band’s seventh full-length was recorded by Børge Finstad and Kevin Kleiven at Top Room Studios, mixed by Lars Erik Westby at H-10 Productions and mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering. The artwork was created by Kjell Åge Meland. More about SARKE at

After nearly 10 years of silence French Black Metallers HELL MILITIA will return with a new album. It will be released via Season Of Mist Underground Activists in the first half of 2022. The band issued the following comments on it: “HELL MILITIA is back! The new album is a bitter reflection of the years that have passed since the release of “Jacob’s Ladder”. Always the same, but spiralling out of control into more extreme situations. The new album is the result of bitter days, an even more bitter aftertaste, fanatic unshakable religious faith and urban filth resulting in a toxic cocktail. Fuck your world and everything in it. Gospel of the Pig 2021.” For regular updates make sure to follow HELL MILITIA at

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