October 05, 2021

On October 31, 2021 Hells Headbangers will release a new covers collection from DECEASED, “Thrash Times At Ridgemont High”, on CD format. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Spit On Your Grave’ (WHIPLASH), ‘Pray For Death’ (BLESSED DEATH), ‘Sacrifice’ (SACRIFICE), ‘Get Stoned’ (STONE), ‘Into The Universe’ (ARTILLERY), ‘Take This Torch’ (RAZOR), ‘Thrashing Rage’ (VOIVOD), ‘Death Squad’ (DARKNESS), ‘In The Grip Of Evil’ (CYCLONE), ‘Demons’ (RIGOR MORTIS), ‘Demon Preacher’ (DEATHWISH) and ‘Ilona (The Very Best)’ (BULLDOZER). You can already listen to SACRIFICE’s ‘Sacrifice’ at this location. More DECEASED info you will find at www.facebook.com/deceasedofficial

On November 26, 2021 Seance Records will release a special anniversary album from BLACK CRUCIFIXION, “Triginta”, on CD and cassette tape formats. It features three new tracks and carefully chosen live versions of BLACK CRUCIFIXION’s material throughout the three decades of their career. You can check out one of the new tracks, ‘Beyond Linkola’ right here. The complete “Triginta” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Night Birds Fall Upon You’, ‘Beyond Linkola’, ‘Throneburner’, ‘Bitten By The Long Frosts Of Life (live)’, ‘Frailest (live)’, ‘As Black As The Roses (As Weak As My Smile) (live)’, ‘Wrath Without Hate (live)’, ‘Retaliation (live)’ and ‘Black Crucifixion (live)’. More about BLACK CRUCIFIXION at www.facebook.com/blackcrucifixion

Minneapolis, Minnesota based Death Metal trio SUNLESS has just premiered a third single from their upcoming sophomore album “Ylem”. You can stream ‘Ascended Forms’ at this location. The album will be released via Willowtip Records on October 29, 2021 on CD, vinyl and digital formats. It was engineered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording in Minneapolis and mixed and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves Studio in Queens, New York. More about SUNLESS at www.facebook.com/sunlessband

Finland’s Death Metallers INBORN TENDENCY have just released a new four song EP entitled “Godkiller” via The Charon Collective. The EP opener ‘Sacrifice’ can be streamed over here. For all further band information please visit www.facebook.com/inborntendency

Relics From The Past (a sub-label of Dying Victims Productions) will re-release “Otal Steel”, the second album from Japanese Thrashers SACRIFICE, on December 17, 2021 on vinyl LP. It features the following tracks: ‘Clumsy Life’, ‘Total Steel’, ‘Crucifixion’, ‘Dancing Death Valley’, ‘One Night King’, ‘Ins And Outs’, ‘Fight To Be Free’, ‘Don’t Wanna Be Back In Black Days’ and ‘Cold Storm’. All additional SACRIFICE info you will find at www.facebook.com/sacrificejapan

Finnish Black Metallers FORDOM have just premiered the track ‘The Uprising Of Barbatos’ at this location. It will appear on the band’s debut full length “Manic Howls”, which will be released on November 05, 2021 via Night In Terrors. The previously revealed ‘Destroying The Temple Of God’ can still be checked out here. The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Inside The Temple Of Bael’, ‘Destroying The Temple Of God’, ‘The Uprising Of Barbatos’, ‘Rituals Spreading Into The World’, ‘Fuck The Messiah’, ‘Confession To Astaroth’ and ‘Lucifer Rises Again’. More info at https://nightinterrorsrecords.bandcamp.com

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