The German language has always been attractive for many bands from different genres, this time it is AHLSPIESS from Costa Rica. The band’s name is the German word for awl pike, a medieval weapon to pierce through the gape of plates of heavy armored knights. So metaphorically spoken AHLSPIESS are piercing the eardrums of the listeners with three tracks of Black Metal. Although “Aufklärung”, ranked as digital demo release, presents the first sign of life from this one man project, the quality of the music and sound can easily compete with more established bands. In fact the production sounds like being recorded professional. At no moment you have the feeling of listening to a demo release. The band’s Bandcamp site says it was “recorded, mixed and mastered in The Mist” whatever this means. Since the only member, who calls him(her?)self Abholos, is responsible for all instruments the outcome is even more astonishing. You can discover influences from bands like IMMORTAL, SATYRICON, DARK FUNERAL and MARDUK but it never sounds like a copycat. Two generic things are missing on this output. There are no keyboards / synthesizer and no high pitched shrieks. The vocals are delivered in a more deep dark singing with a slight touch of grunting, on the edge of being understandable. A very impressive release by AHLSPIESS, which travels well-known trodden paths of Black Metal but never sounds stale and aged. For more information and to get your own impression please visit https://ahlspiess.bandcamp.com.

Mirco Szymyslik

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