Vol.4 - Phonocopia
(Hell Music)

In the “let’s continue HELLHAMMER’s legacy” wars, I’ve always had a soft spot for APOKALYPTIC RAIDS because they have had a bit more gusto and were faster than WARHAMMER. But still they were somewhat lacking and after the initial surprise of listening to any particuar one of their releases, I would not listen to one of their albums in full. All this has changed as APOKALYPTIC RAIDS has taken their HELLHAMMER influences beyond their natural boundaries with a very boisterous and fierce new album containing lots of songs that keep my attention and that have very good Metal breaks, not stupid breakdowns definitely. ‘The Unquiet Grave’ has a very great and sleazy riff more like some “Cold Lake” action. Ok not that bad, but I prefer “Cold Lake ” over the artsy fartsy “Into The Pandemonium” although I don’t own a copy of “Cold Lake” but that’s another story for another time. And actually ‘The Unquiet Grave’ is a very good song. I’m let down somewhat by ‘Remember The Future’ a regular paced song. Not for me. I believe they are at their best when they play fast and it seems they heard me as ‘Remember…’ picks up speed and has some tasty fuckin ride work here and there.Yeah! ‘Nothing Will Happen’ closes out this one (or so it would seem, he he he): it’s got a good fuckin’ riff that sticks to your brains like a good meal sticks to your ribs (like some currywurst, bratwurst or here in Hell Paso $1.75 beef ribs at the Rib Hut) and so it ends. But wait, there’s more! A hidden, slightly faster but otherwise faithful rendition of the fuckin’ HELLHAMMER classic ‘Crucifixion’! This is great as everybody feels the need to cover ‘Massacra’ for some reason. I am very much inclined to say this is APOKALYPTIC RAIDS’ best release yet. Get this album now you fuckin necromaniax! www.apokalypticraids.com, www.myspace.com/apokalypticraids

Luis M. L. Sallard

Luis M. L. Sallard

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