Fran Marder
(Debemur Morti Productions)

The introduction to the re-releases of the first three ARCKANUM masterpieces is in some way a difficult enterprise because I’m a fan of this band since these dark times. The only band member Shamaatae who started his musical career in the Swedish cult act GROTESQUE has followed a very traditional way with ARCKANUM and their music must be defined by all means as a unique form of Swedish Black Metal. During the first musical period (between 1993 – 1998) the band committed only one huge mistake – they signed to the wrong record company. Necropolis Records released all albums on a very low level and so it’s no surprise that the original versions are extreme rare collector items – a fact which is unfortunately applicable for nearly all releases of this US label. “Fran Marder” for example was more or less strictly “limited” to only 2500 items. So let’s start the journey with the debut originally released in 1995. After recording three demos the band entered Abyss Studio to record 50 minutes of occult Black Metal with close bonds to the dark side of nature. Even after a decade the music stands for itself and the presented songs – including older demo material mainly from their 1994 “Trulen” demo – are from my point of view the ARCKANUM material with the strongest true Black Metal tendencies. The split of Occult / Black Metal will find a different mixture on the later releases but “Fran Marder” must definitely be mentioned if it comes to the cult Black Metal releases of the 90s especially if cult means outstanding and independent music and not an extreme bloody band history. The re-release is offering a fresh and new sound – thanks to Andy Classen – plus for the first time the complete track list of eleven tracks in total. Debemur Morti is releasing the album with a simple cover artwork – only the band logo plus the album title – and without any bonus tracks. The ARCKANUM debut is a great release and this re-release without a doubt overdue – so let’s hope that the new dawn of Pans followers has finally arrived.,,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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